Sunday, November 16, 2014

What weekend?!

Please tell me I am wrong and it's really only Saturday did it get to be 9:30 on Sunday night already? Wow.

I promised myself when school started there would be no Sunday Night Blues for me this year and thus far, I have kept that promise. I don't have them now either...I probably should but I don't. I'm just truly floored that the weekend is over already.

It was VERY busy and I did not get everything on my list done which may explain why I feel like time zoomed by. I gotta slow down a bit. I had two things on my schedule this weekend that I really should have politely declined doing...but I committed to them long ago and I don't like to back out of stuff. I probably needed and deserved the mental break those two things brought me (a mental break from grad school and teaching, I mean), but it sure cut into the time I had to do other things!

I'm sad that I didn't have time to go through the kiddos' math projects. I had high hopes that I would get through them all (all 66 of them!) but I didn't do anything except take the basket out of the car and bring it up to my office. Oh well. They are gonna have to wait. I had lesson planning, graduate school and a big event that took up most of my day yesterday and a smaller one that took up a portion of today that prevented me from getting to them. If my little guys ask me about it, I'll be honest with them: I was just plumb overbooked this weekend. I'd love to promise to have them all done by tomorrow afternoon....but I don't think I can promise that either because we're finishing up conferences this week and I have to run around The Husband and The Oldest until one of us gets to the SOS to legalize my car.

If you're reading this...say a little prayer for my sanity this week if you don't mind. I'll make it and be fine but I am VERY ready for things to slow down in my life and have some down time. Only 7 (school) days until Thanksgiving break and man do I need it!


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