Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Non Productivity

I had high hopes for today since we had the day off for elections. It's a perk in my district since so many of our schools are polling locations.

I had to get up at the usual time to get the girls on the bus but had the luxury of going back to bed. And I did. For many hours. It was great!

I was lazy almost all day. I didn't bother to jump in the shower until 3 pm. Then I went to vote and buy queso. (Priorities, right?) After consuming said queso...I did do some homework at least. Mostly what I did today was either sleep or play a game on the computer. Which means I'll be up late finishing what I need for tomorrow....but that's just fine. I'm plenty rested. Taking a break was so amazing. An extra day off every week would be awesome.


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