Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holy Snow!

Would you believe me if I told you that today, November 18th, we had a snow day?

We did. A colossal one! We've had somewhere in the vicinity of 12-15" of snow since  yesterday. It's only November. I'm scared of what is to come, seriously!

Instead of really getting anything accomplished today (seriously, WHERE did my day go?), I slept in after three phone calls letting us know things were shut down (one from the district we live in telling me The Littles don't have school, one from my district saying I don't have school and one from The Oldest's college saying she doesn't have school -- pretty sure the Mr. wasn't very impressed with all those calls in the 5 o'clock hour), waited on the U-verse guy to come install my internet upgrade, took The Oldest out in this yuck to go to work and while I was out, decided to get my nails done, something I haven't done in ages. Not since early in the summer for sure. I was well overdue.

I didn't get anything done for the day job...and got a little done for grad school. Conferences were supposed to be tonight so those will have to be rescheduled for Thursday. It just keeps coming down out there. It seriously worries me for the rest of the winter since it's not even winter yet!

The good news is, my new little car drove great in the snow. I'm really glad we found me a small, comfortable car that is clean, runs well, has nothing wrong with it (aside from a weird whir sound when the fan is on) and drives well in the snow. Can't beat it.


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