Friday, November 14, 2014

{Five for Friday}
 I don't always manage to link up for these (let alone on time!) but here I am :)

Awhile ago, a gal I used to teach with asked me to help her do a Thirty-One fundraiser to help the mission efforts of her and her husband in Ecuador. Sadly, the fundraiser didn't go as well as it should have but I made my own donation to help her out and she was so thankful. ♥

Every week, my students do a Paragraph of the Week courtesy of Teaching in Room 6. This week's prompt what "What do you think it will be like if kids were in charge of the world?" I got the usual answers: no homework, we wouldn't have to go to school, etc. One very astute young friend of mine wrote, "All of the houses would be messy because kids are so lazy". Bahahaha.

Parent Conferences -- I have a love/hate relationship with them. It's always great to share with parents how their children are doing and get to see the kiddos in a slightly different context than the normal school day. The conferences make for some l-o-n-g days though. We had our first night last night and I had all but two kiddos represented. One of the girls told me at the end of the day yesterday, "Mrs. Wood, you get to see my baby!" and I said, "S, you are nine years old, I am very sure you don't have a baby." She giggled. I may have too. ;)

My 13 year old car decided to have a fit and die on me this week. Not nice! First the heat went out which The Husband fixed. Then the exhaust went crazy. It would cost way more than it's worth to fix all of that for such an old car so we had to go car hunting. Normally I'd enjoy it but I have so many things going on! Alas, this fabulous little car will come home with me tomorrow. 
My kiddos turned in their first choice board projects today! I am so excited to go through them all and see the final products up close. (I will post some pictures of them once I find the time to actually go through them -- lots on the docket for this weekend!) The kiddos worked so hard and were very proud of themselves. :)


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