Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

It is amazing how 1-2 certain kids can change the dynamic in a classroom. My friends have decided that they are done learning at 2 pm every day. School ends at 3:38. I teach until 3:30. Today I had so many friends totally zoned out that if they didn't know the answer to my question, they had to move their clip.

Before you think I'm a jerk, the answers were in their face had they bothered to pay attention. It kills me that they think because they learned in the AM they can stop learning after lunch. Um, no.

My new friends are mostly good. But 2 took full advantage of their being no expectations or consequences in their class for a month. Sorry for you but guess what? I DO have expectations and you WILL follow them. They are starting to figure it out. One of the kiddos I've had all year just doesn't get it. He can't stay in line, stop talking, quit irritating his classmates. I have taken to making him walk with me and I have to hold his hand because he just can't get it together. It's really sad because I would have been mortified to have to hold my teachers hand in 4th grade!

I have been heavy on my praise though and wow does it work. I use a clip chart and have since I moved to my current school (5th year using it). I made these cards to celebrate if they got to pink (the top). One friend has earned TWO cards this week which has never happened ever and one friend clipped up so many times we put his clip on my shirt. The other kids just thought that was the bee's knees.

I also have 4 friends who had 100% homework all of September. So tomorrow we are going all out. Streamers, balloons, etc. It's huge when only 25% of the kids do all of their homework. So we will have a huge obnoxiously boisterous party for them.

I have the biggest headache in history and I want to go home and just crawl in my bed and stay there.

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  1. Sorry about your headache. I have a student too that has been not getting it. He is likes to pout and huff. Not sure what to do with that.