Friday, October 24, 2014


Yay for Friday! I think this week just zoomed past. Yesterday was Monday, wasn't it?!

In preparation for Halloween next week and some fun themed activities we're going to do, today for Fun Friday, I had the kiddos make Haunted Houses. (I'm lame and totally forgot to take pictures of them!) I can't draw to save my life but whenever I make a person, they have one little hair on their head because it's just funny to do that.

Well I showed the kiddos how they could make their house, just as an idea. And I added a "creepy weirdo" (a phrase I say ALL the time) and hung a sign on my house's door that said "Only Creepy Weirdos May Enter Here". Then each kiddo got a white piece of computer paper, and orange and black construction paper. They were basically given free reign to make their house however they wanted.

Many of them didn't finish them yet so I told them that while I'm reading from Edward (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane) next week, they can finish them up. I'll try to remember to take pictures of them on Monday. So many of my little friends brought their houses up to me to show me what they had. They were very creative and made doors that opened with their construction paper....and put "creepy weirdos" inside the door. HAHAHA!

And of course....I had to be as silly as possible and "shriek" when they showed me their scary houses. :) I can not wait to do the writing project on the haunted houses next week. It'll be really fun and since our hallway walls are naked and I don't like that....we're gonna have to make some stuff to put out there :) 

Best part of the Fun Friday project was when two of my more challenging boys were chatting as they worked, and didn't realize I was listening. One said, "Man, I'm gonna start being good." The other friend says, "Why's that?" and the first friend says, "Because it's fun in here when you behave." :)

Yes, my dear friend, that is what I've been trying to tell you all along. Good work means Fun on Friday! :)


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