Friday, October 10, 2014


Wow, am I ever glad it is Friday!

Whew. In the interest of being positive, I'm just gonna say that there is still a lot of adjusting going on with my new class configuration and it wipes me out daily. Add to that being a full time mama, doctoral student and occasional Thirty-One lady...I am W-I-P-E-D.

Plumb worn out.

Let me paint you a picture (not really because I can't even draw stick people)....

I was at school for twelve and a half hours yesterday. Twelve. And a half! I had a very late meeting (it didn't start until 6:15) and tried to get caught up on grading and some planning before the meeting. At some point between 4 and 6:10 when I went downstairs for the meeting....apparently I did my graduate homework and submitted it.

I did not recall doing this. Last night when I finally got home and had eaten dinner, I panicked that I needed to get that stuff turned in. (I am adamant that I not turn in a single assignment late.)

It was a rough day yesterday to put it mildly. After I had eaten dinner, I gave myself 30 minutes to read for pleasure just to unwind from the tough day and prepare before I shifted gears to grad school. Around 9:10, so tired I could have dropped on the spot, I logged into my BlackBoard course....and saw that I had already done the work for the day.

And I didn't even remember doing it.

This course is ending. Within the next 30 hours I will submit all of the last assignments and it'll be over. My brain must seriously be on auto-pilot if I can complete and submit homework without even registering that I did it.

Tomorrow will be all about finishing up the final touches on my project. Then some downtime with a fun Thirty-One birthday party and then pushing "submit" for the last time for this class....then I spend Sunday sleeping. And relishing in no grad work.

It's a bit surreal to be (almost) done with my 2nd class but I am so ready for a week of only focusing on being a mom and a teacher.


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