Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holy Wow!!

Oh my goodness gracious!

You are NEVER going to believe what I am about to write here....but it's not April and thus not an April Fool's joke!

This past spring, I had the most Epic March ever! But March 2015 promises to be even MORE Epic!!

Yesterday I got an email from my graduate school saying they had secured a trip to Finland and Sweden for their Ed.D. candidates to study the teaching model and practices there!! Considering my ultimate goal is to open my own school and I would LOVE to emulate the teaching styles there...this was like the trip of a lifetime.

I thought about how to try to secure grants. How to beg people to help me fund this. How to sell my soul. (Okay, not really the last one. I do have some standards.) 

Alas, it turns out, all I had to do was talk to my amazing husband about it and tell him how much this trip would likely help fuel my knowledge to open that future school of mine. He budgets like whoa and crunched some numbers and said it was VERY doable and he wants me to go! 




So I'm registered for the trip and have paid half the cost. I need to get a passport (I have never been to any other country but Canada and that was before 9/11 when you didn't need a passport). I need to secure a week and a day off from my job. 

I am SO beyond excited! The trip is 9 days - March 21-29. I will be out of work from March 23-30 (no way am I going to work on March 30 because I will have massive jet-lag I'm sure).

How am I going to stand the anticipation from now until then? Ahh!


  1. That's awesome! It will be such a great experience!

  2. This trip sounds amazing! I'm sure you will not only have a blast, but learn quite a bit as well! Good luck, and try not to stress too much between now and March! Its only 5 months away! You can do it!!