Saturday, October 11, 2014

Class Buddies

Over the years, I have received multiple stuffed animals (mostly frogs) from my students and I always keep them. When I taught at Former School, I had them on top of my cabinet, mostly for decoration. When I went down to 2nd grade a few years ago, I put them in a bin for the students to use as a buddy. I got that suggestion from another teacher who had done the same thing.

That year she got moved up to 5th grade and she told me she still kept her stuffed buddies out and was amazed at how these big 5th grade kids (even some of the "tough" boys) would do anything to get to have one of the Class Buddies at their desk.

When I came back up to the upper grades, I didn't take my animals back home and I didn't stick them back on my shelf. I decided to leave them out and just see what would happen. It amazes me how many of these kids love on these animals. It's so darn cute and reminds me that despite some of them having to act as though they are little adults, they really are just little kiddos.

Each Thursday my students take their weekly Reading Street Test. We use the privacy shields to help the students to keep focused on their test (also an incentive since we go to computer lab right after the test and they don't want to miss that!). Check out what I managed to capture.

I LOVE this little friend! He is such a sweetie and I'm very certain he has no idea how to misbehave. He was such a rockstar last week he got TWO Good News Cards in the same week (which has NEVER happened in my entire career) and thus he got to have our Class Buddy Scaredy Squirrel. I saw him snuggling Scaredy Squirrel while he was taking his test and snuck behind him and snapped this pic.

Also on his vocabulary work for this week, when they have to write the 7-up sentences, this little friend wrote "I will preserve Scaredy Squirrel for Mrs. Wood." ♥

So absolutely adorable. This is why I never want to teach middle or high school. They just don't maintain their innocence like these little guys!


  1. That is adorable! I would not think that 5th graders would like class stuffed buddies either! I'm amazed they still do and love their innocence. My first graders LOVE my buddies. I catch them reading to them all the time and modeling like I do during our lessons. So cute!

    1. Yeah, I have 4th grade but many of the kids I had last year, who are now in 5th, use the buddies in my colleague's class :) It's heartwarming to see them show some innocence :)