Friday, September 26, 2014


Thank goodness for Fridays! This week was somewhat of an emotional one and I'm glad for a little down time (hahahaha...not really, grad work is on the docket for the whole weekend).

Yesterday was the first day I wasn't at school this year...and my sub left me a note saying my class was the BEST class she's been in all year so far. LOVE! I especially love it when I'm out and my students do exactly what I have trained them to do. I didn't realize until this morning when I had gotten to school that I forgot to put in my plans to have the students finish their morning work yesterday so they could turn it in. (We have a math warmup for morning work M-Th and cursive on Friday.) I checked the basket of work that was done yesterday and the morning work was in there and all completed. LOVE THEM.

One of my little friends said, "We figured you forgot your brain so we reminded the sub what we are supposed to do." [Note: he said I forgot my brain because if they are being kind of sluggish, I'll say "oh no, we must have forgotten our brains!"] Have I mentioned how much I LOVE them? 

Today was a little weird. We had a half day and my TA was also out sick so it was weird trying to cram everything that I couldn't let go into our day as well as get things ready for the new friends I'm getting on Monday. I am ever so thankful for the amazing team that I have had the pleasure of working with these past three years. Mrs. K, the 4th/5th grade resource teacher, watched my friends for just a moment so that I could go get my new students and bring them briefly to our class. I wanted them to be able to see their new locker, their desk and how our room is set up. 

I know that things will be a little hectic for them as I know we are ahead in my class of where they were (simply because I know the curriculum having taught it already and it took my colleague a bit to get her bearings coming down from middle school), but I am determined to help these kids see this as a positive transition. I think the hardest part is going to be acclimating them to the calendar we do and the homework since it is not the homework that goes with our math series. Alas, a lot of smiles, praise and positivity is going to be what gets us all through it.

This afternoon we had some PD on PBIS and then an hour to work on data. A couple of the kiddos I am getting are REALLY high achieving. Interestingly, in analyzing my data, I noticed that almost all of my students have Operations and Algebraic Thinking (OAT) or Numbers and Operations (NO) as their "low" strand on MAP. This was true last year as well...and with the spiral homework and calendar, our kids gained over 19 points in those two areas from Fall to Winter. Plus I am working with stations a bit differently than I have before so it'll be interesting to see how it all works out.

I really wish I had time this weekend to just be lazy....but it isn't probably going to happen. I have a project due tonight, a huge transcript due tomorrow and grading and finishing up plans for my class for next week. Plus, I have a Thirty-One party on Sunday. Holy moly.

I suspect I am going to be up most of the night trying to get the grad work done so I can at least take a few hours tomorrow to not think about school or work. Two more weeks in this term for my grad class and then an entire 7 days off. I am SO looking forward to that.


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