Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans

This is the view I had for a good portion of my day today. Much more fun than having my nose stuck in a book/computer screen working on grad work!

Here's me bleeding green and white! GO MSU!

Michigan State University sponsors many of our inner city students each and every year to attend a football game at the Spartan Stadium. This is such a big deal for our kids because so many of them would never have the opportunity to go to something like this on their own. It's so much fun and they make it so worth it. This is my 4th year going with my school (the only year I didn't go was the first year I was there) and it is so much fun. Very tiring, but so fun.

It's amazing to see the kiddos outside of the school environment too. This year was, by far, the best group we've taken! They were so respectful and sweet and did such a good job. I'm so proud of them. A bunch of kiddos ended up not showing up because it was raining at school. I had 4 kids from my class who came and they asked me if they could bring their souveniers to show everyone who DIDN'T come. Absolutely you can! It was a total blast!

They have a whole spot for the kids to "tailgate" in with bounce houses, jump rope and other yard games. The cheerleaders come and perform and this year the male cheerleaders got in the bounce house with them and also did the bag races. So much fun and so very funny to watch. We always have such a great time and while I always wish I had been able to sleep in that weekend, I'm always so glad that I ended up going.

Once I got home, I wanted to be lazy...pretty sure doctoral students don't have time to be lazy...but I was anyway. I installed Sims 4 which I have been dying to play since it came out on the first day of school and while that was loading, I did a little research for my paper. But then I spent a good hour and a half just playing the game...even though I have a paper due tonight. Which I hadn't started writing when I was doing the research. (Very, very grateful that I am on Eastern time and my university is on Pacific time...thus, I can afford to procrastinate a little because I have 3 extra hours I normally wouldn't get.) 

I decided that I work my behind off all week at my job-school and grad school...and since I went the extra mile and gave up the majority of a Saturday to take my kids on a once-in-a-lifetime was worth just having some down time, even if I am now going to be crunching a bit to get done. 

It's all about balance and quite frankly, I have not allowed myself to have as much fun as I need to allow myself since school started. Grad students need to have fun too.

Plus, it was really nice to have a Saturday Shenanigans day today. It probably won't happen again for awhile but I'm glad I basically took the day to have fun. It was much needed and so worth it.


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