Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halfway through 2!

Holy cow....did you know it was Wednesday?? How did that happen?

I have been super busy the last few days. My weekend was crammed with grading, freaking out, paper writing, freaking out, lesson planning and did I mention freaking out? haha

Seriously, it was a tough one. I stress myself out way too much. I thought the paper I wrote this weekend for my transformational learning class was the worst thing I've ever written. I struggled with it so much. I got an A. I drive myself crazy. 

The work week has gone by SO quickly! I have so many things I want to hang in the hallway that my kiddos and I have done but who has time for that? (You'd think I'd have more time with such a teeny class AND a TA 3 days per week, but nope!) So that's one of my goals for tomorrow, hopefully.

I love, love, love my teeny class but sadly, I don't think they are going to leave it. I doubt they could justify it budget-wise....although who knows. We're only 5 students shy of the projections they made for 4th grade. Gosh it would be AH-MAZING if they left us be. I could take these kiddos places, for sure....Alas, it occurred to me yesterday that this has happened to me every single year that I have been at my school. Every year, I've had kids moved in or out (most often it is not in my favor). I should be used to it but I'm not. It really stinks for the kiddos to have that kind of movement. So cross your fingers for a miracle :)

I have so much I'd like to get caught up on tonight. I've been doing pretty well trying to keeping up but I'm trying to use a new app on my iPad for grading and it's not working so well for me. I used it before but the updates are not working for me at all. It's frustrating me but I'm gonna have to work through it.

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  1. I just discovered your blog and am searching for some info that you had shared a while back regarding Target Tabbing- what is this exactly? I tried google searching and couldn't find anything about it. Could you give me some suggestions as to where I might find more info? Also, I would love to know more about DDI strategies. I clicked on the link, but it appeared to not be updated, because it said that starting in 2012 resources would be available directly through their website. Can you possibly send me some info on both of these via email?
    Thanks so very much and I love your blog!