Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

This week we got started with our Words Their Way Sorts. One of my colleagues found a super cute set of posters with activities for the kiddos to do each day and it worked out awesome! Sometimes time is a little tight but the kids had fun with it and (hopefully) learned something!

We have been learning about circuits in science. I love this unit so much because it is awesome when the kids know the light bulb is supposed to come on...but to hear their squeals of delight (even in 4th grade!) when the light actually does come on is pretty priceless.
This was our third week of school and Mr. Principal has done pop-in mini observations of my class a couple of times. He popped in yesterday just as we were coming back from finishing our MAP testing. The feedback form he left me (very informal but helpful) gave me all Effective and a few Highly Effective. I was so pleased because I have a REALLY hard time shutting up and letting the kids do the talking/thinking and I'm really working on that. It helps us both!

My small class and I have so much fun together. Thursday we were getting ready to take our weekly reading test and a bee just randomly flew out of the corner of the room (my windows have not been open since school started so I have no idea how it got in there). It landed on one of my friend's desk and I told them not to wave it away because I didn't want it to sting them. I was going to squish it and just as I was about it, it flew toward me and landed on my (flowery) shirt. I was like, "Oh NO you didn't!" and smacked it. It landed on the floor and I had to end its little life. Pretty sure my class thinks I'm crazy BUT they all laughed about it today ;)
Part of our PBIS program allows students to earn individual star tickets for prizes or the whole class to earn a star. They are put into containers to be drawn out. Fridays are STAR CAFE day when classes are drawn to sit at a special lunch table that parent volunteers decorate and make special. My kiddos won and were so darn happy with themselves. They're so funny--something little like a table cloth and decorations just makes their day :) 

Tomorrow I'm spending my day at Michigan State University with about 200 3rd/4th graders from our district who get to see a game for free. This is my 4th time going and it is SO fun! I'll have a huge headache by the time we leave but its worth it. They put on such a good show for the kids and its just awesome.


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