Thursday, August 28, 2014

There is no tired....

like Back-to-School tired! Wowza. I haven't even had a day of teaching yet and I am pooped!

Today we had our Open House. In all 9 years of my teaching, I have never had one before school started before, they have always been 2-3 weeks after the year started. Usually we don't get a really stellar turnout. This year, I had 9 students...and 4 were former ones! :) I suspect that part of the reason is that most of these kiddos know me and I know them and if parents are working or whatnot. I got a lot of love tonight though -- two of my former kiddos were upset that I wasn't teaching 5th grade because they wanted to have me again. One of the moms told me that her son cried when he saw that I had 4th again and not 5th. How cute is that?

I have two students who are new to my school and they both came tonight. One boy and one girl. Both were very sweet and I am super excited to have them this year. The young man has a very creative name. I'm not kidding. I can't pronounce it. I know if I try to, I am going to massively screw it up! Fortunately he has a nickname that is much, much easier for me to say. I don't want to have to call him "hey you" for the first few days while I practice my pronunciation! 

This year, I decided I am taking care of me. I am not doing all of the extra stuff I did before. No one really appreciates it when push comes to shove so I'm not doing it. I will keep my social committee but beyond that...I'm taking care of me and my class and that's that. I was chatting with a colleague about it today and she said when you realize that no one else really and truly sees and appreciates your worth, you do have to look inside and take care of you and only you.

Someone told me once that it's not possible to look out for number one (meaning yourself) and be a teacher. I disagree. I will collaborate, I will help someone who asks me, but mostly I am going to shut my door and teach my heart out. I am going to ensure that EVERY child in my classroom feels loved, respected and welcome. Even on the days when they are driving me insane, I still love them. And I want them to know it every single day. I will love you even when you're being a pistol. I will love you when you're doing your damn best as well. 

That's what they need after all. They need love. And this tired teacher is gonna rest up this weekend so I can give them all the love they need.

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  1. This is the hope I have for myself this school year also. Less stress on me and more energy for my students. Sounds like a win, win for me! I hope it works out for both of us!!