Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Progress {+ Pics}

Whew! What a day yesterday! 

I had huge plans to finish all of my graduate work (namely an abstract and a 3-page reflection) Sunday...but The Husband told me on Friday that he was going to Ann Arbor for two weeks (the next two weeks!) for work and there was so much to do and time to be spent together that I didn't do anything graduate-school-related on our last day together. I finished my abstract yesterday evening and will do the reflection tonight and then I'll enjoy my whopping 6 days off before my next course begins :)

Yesterday was busy from the word go.

First up, I had to get the kids up to send off their dad. Then The Youngest and I had to head to the ENT for a follow up after her adenotonsillectomy in July. (Dr and intern were impressed that we had ZERO issues. Wish all my surgeries/recoveries had been so easy!) After that, we headed to Starbucks to meet with a teacher I used to work with (she got a new job in another district). I asked her before school got out last year (before she had gotten the new job) to help me with how I'm teaching Text Talk vocabulary because my kiddos are just NOT getting it and the 3rd grade vocab was so much higher on MAP than for us. Since she got a new job, we met to go over it instead. It's really funny because I do not drink coffee. Ever. I can't even stand the smell most of the time. But we met at Starbucks :) (Thankfully those sorts of places have other options too!) The Youngest was super patient while we talked shop and I let her get a cake pop even though it was only 10 am! haha

After that, we zipped over to Dollar Tree for a couple of things, grabbed lunch through the drive-thru and FINALLY got to my school. Whew! It was nearly noon by the time we finally got there. The Youngest was a great helper and we got a lot done so I definitely feel like progress is being made. It was really rainy and yucky this morning so I went in for about 3 hours by myself too. Once I felt like I was no longer being productive, I left. No point in sticking around if nothing is really being accomplished.

4th Grade 2014-2015

This sign hangs on my door so anyone who might come looking for us knows where we are. I lost the arrow that would point to each topic so I stuck a pom pom into a paperclip and stuck it on haha (you can see it on the bottom at "Home").

  Last spring, I found this set on TpT. It says "What's the SCOOP in 4th Grade?" and the kids wrote memories and things they learned on the ice creams. :) I thought it made a cute little back to school display.

The door. You won't be able to see through the glass when I'm all done because I will either put paper or something else up. It majorly cuts down on distractions not having the glass visible for the students.

  This is my back counter (this was yesterday -- it does not look like this anymore, it's got a lot less clutter!). I covered the shelving with this super cute fabric because a) no one needs to see the curriculum stuff on those shelves and b) it's just super cute! That opening spot underneath the counter will have a small rug and a bean bag. For whatever reason the kids L-O-V-E to sit under there during SSR.

  This is my desk area. (It's to the left of the picture above.) This is also as of yesterday so it has changed a bit. I decided this year to separate my teacher area from my tech area and so far, I'm really glad I have. I love having my own space.

  Right now (knock on wood), I am slated for a small class, only 21 kiddos! So I had enough room to leave this HUGE space up front for a meeting area. I wish I had a big rug but I don't :(

  Across the way is the teacher tech area. I used a spare student desk and my ELMO and desktop computer stuff will be there. This way students can use the space as well without me worrying about my own stuff being in their way. It's hard to see but behind the tech area is another table that students will be able to use during partner work. The big wall in the back will have charts and whatnot on it.

Crappy lighting, sorry! My Double E desk setup. Love it! 

  The blue pocket charts in the back corner are around the library area. Not quite sure what is going in those charts quite yet.

  Word wall and small group table. The table on the left (with the green crate underneath) is another spare table I had since I had more kids last year. There are recess games and clipboards underneath the table and on top of the table will be literacy stations and partner games.

  It's not all finished yet but I'm getting there. Mostly I have a lot of little things to sort and put away. I found a huge stock of Literacy Centers in my barn that I forgot I owned. They will be great during small group/Choice Menu time (more about that soon!). 

I know I won't get into my room again until Monday as we're going up north tomorrow-Friday and then I'm going to Ann Arbor to see The Husband Friday night - Sunday morning. Then my second doctoral class begins and I go back to work. Busy busy!


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