Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Livin', Lovin' and Learnin'!'s been awhile. Oops! I guess I am just very much enjoying my summer knowing full well what and where I will be teaching this fall. I have done NOTHING school related except a little reading (which honestly was all done either before school ended or just after) and I bought fabric at JoAnn's to replace the chevron fabric that might make my kids dizzy. Otherwise, I have done NOTHING for work.

And guess what? I don't care! It's SUMMER. Yes, I know this is when people do all of their planning and whatnot....but for me, that's what August will be for. I have just been enjoying my down time and I'm SO glad I have relaxed and not worried about my job. I'm relaxed and refreshed and that will be very helpful come August when I do allow myself to go back into "School Mode". 

I have, of course, been engaged mostly with my doctoral classes. This past week, The Littles had Horse Day Camp with the YMCA so they were gone daily from 7:30 am - 6 pm. You'd think that would have left me with tons of time to do whatever I wanted, right? HA, so far from the truth. Drama, a pregnancy scare (not me -- that ship has done sailed), running around for The Oldest's orientation at the community college. Whew! Somehow, I still managed to get through all of my assignments, even the one that had me scratching my head for a couple of days going "WTF??" and am still maintaining a 100% in the writing class and a 99.5% in the Ethics class. Yay me! :) Then The Husband had his 25th year class reunion last night. Busy, busy!

This week, The Husband turns 43 and I will be spending my week in Columbus, Ohio at the Thirty-One Conference. I am SO excited about it! I have only ever been away from my entire family alone ONE night in the last 14 years and that was when I dropped The Oldest off at school in West Virginia last August. I've always either been with The Husband or with the kids. The Husband has gone out of town for work stuff lots of times. The only work related trip I've ever made was to the T&L Conference last March but The Husband came with me. So while I'm very much looking forward to the conference, I am a tad nervous of how I'll handle being totally alone in the hotel each night for four nights.

I am leaving Tuesday morning to drive down to Columbus. According to Google Maps, it's about a 5 1/2 hour drive. I will probably leave around 9 am so I can get to the hotel right around check in time. The actual conference doesn't start until Wednesday afternoon for what they call Super Day (an afternoon/evening of guest speakers and other trainings) so I will have almost 24 hours from the time I get to the hotel before I have to be at the conference. That is actually perfect because it'll give me lots of time to work on my part of the group project.

Thursday we began at 10 a.m. and my group has our Awards Dinner so we won't finish until around 9:30. It'll be a LONG day but I'm so, so excited for it. I asked a girl who went to the Denver conference to send me a copy of the store catalog because I am going on a budget and I'm SO glad she did because I have budgeted myself well and will be able to get lots of goodies there. I'm so excited about it.

Friday will be another full day and somewhere in between Thursday night and Friday when our session begins, I need to check in with my group and get all of my stuff turned in for class. Somewhere in there I also have to have time to write my paper that is due Saturday (we have a paper per week for my Ethics class). So basically, I am going to be busting tail the rest of tonight, all day tomorrow and from Tuesday-Wednesday during my alone time in the hotel to get my work done so that I am able to enjoy conference on Thursday and Friday without worrying too much about class stuff.

Once I come home, we'll still be on the move. The Youngest has an appointment with her doctor at the Children's Hospital on Tuesday and then Wednesday she has her surgery to get her tonsils and adenoids out. We will be spending Wednesday night in the hospital. The next day, July 31 (Harry Potter's birthday -- woot!), I have a Thirty-One party with a gal from school. Then of course it's August and its really time to be thinking about Back to School.

Basically, I am totally livin', lovin' and learnin' this summer and probably won't post again for awhile because of being out of town. I'm doing better at reading since I'm using Feedly but I don't comment much because I just don't have time. Things *might* slow down a little for me in August but I doubt it ;)

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