Monday, July 7, 2014

Online Learning

I have to admit I am loving the online format for my doctorate thus far.

Oddly, it is slower paced than I thought it would be (at least so far but hey, it's been a week). Why do I love it?

1) Everyone has to participate. You get to really hear from everyone instead of having 2-5 people carry the class discussions which often happened to me in my master's classes.

2) So many of our assignments are posted to the discussion board and we are asked to comment and reflect on each other's work. Thus we get to see each other's thoughts and gain a better understanding of our course material.

3) Since so much work is submitted in this way, we also get the benefit of seeing our professor's response to each classmate as well as our own work. I have already learned a lot reading the professor's feedback to other people and it has enhanced my understanding of what our goals are.

4) Assignments are due on specific days but we have a lot of freedom to pace ourselves as we see fit. This will be great for when we have conferences and things of that nature.

I'm really glad I decided to pursue an online format. It's much faster paced than any of the brick and mortar programs I looked into and it is much more concentrated where I want to go professionally. I know it will speed up to the point where I want to kick myself for doing this...but so far, I'm enjoying it.

It has also put my mind on back to school and a few things I definitely want to do differently thus upcoming year. I will be adding all of those tasks to my to do lists.


  1. Reminds me of the courses I did from afar while I was living in Germany. I remember always being required to read what other people did and comment but I have to admit that it was painful to read what some people wrote. Most of the time it's really interesting though!

  2. So I have to ask, how did you go about choosing which online program was the best? I did my alternate teacher certification online and enjoyed the online setting more than the classroom setting. I want to do my master's online as well and have been a little lost as far which online programs are the best, taken seriously? That sort of thing.


    1. Honestly...I chose the program that was the best for my career ambitions, nothing else. I applied at Michigan State as well but never finished my application once I found out about this program and was accepted. MSU did not have a Teacher Leadership Concentration which is exactly what I was looking for. (Interestingly, I got an email at work one day about the school I ended up choosing and I looked into it and the rest is history.)

      There are SO MANY programs that are 100% online for Master's degrees these days. I don't think online degrees have the same stigma that they did 10 years ago. As long as the program fits what you want to do and you will get your renewal or credits or whatever that you need, choose a program that makes your heart sing.

      Since I'm working on my doctorate and know I'm not going to get suddenly paid what I'm worth once I have it, I went with what I wanted. I know I will earn no certifications with my program and that was fine with me. I have no desire to be a principal or superintendent (often those certifications accompany a doctoral program).

  3. I don't know if you are aware but you are a no-reply blogger. I wanted to reply back your comment on my blog but I couldn't. There are a bunch of tutorials out there on how to change this if you google it! Let me know if you have questions! But anyways in response to your comment...I say if we both end up getting lame pen pals this year that we pair up :)


  4. Hey, I am also attending Concordia-Portland for my doctorate in Leadership. I started in Jan.'s nice to get to meet someone else from Concordia :)