Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Eve + Happy 4th!

I have been really getting into Twitter lately. Not so much because I have a lot to say but because I follow a ton of education-related Tweeters (seriously what DO you call someone who uses Twitter? A Twit just doesn't sound very nice lol) as well as some writing ones since I dabble in my not-so-spare time.

Amazingly, since going to the Teaching and Learning Conference in March, I have found my people on Twitter. I mean, seriously. I am constantly amazed at the things I read there and I mean that is such a good way. People who say exactly the things I am thinking but am not sure how to say it as eloquently as they do. 

Today as I was reading - and you can probably guess the two biggest things I've seen lately are Common Core and Hobby Lobby related - and I retweeted a couple of things that had already been retweeted. About an hour or so later, I get an notification that Ghadi followed me. lol Now obviously that is not possible but in cyberspace, I guess anything is. It was just funny to see that name pop up in my notifications. I guess you have made it as a Twit (again, lol), when Ghadi follows you ;)

That said, on this Independence Eve (a fun hashtag I got from Twitter today), I want to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday. If you are traveling, be sure you take a lot of Thirty-One with you (and if you don't have enough Thirty-One, you can order some more right here!) and have a safe trip. 

We are heading up to our cabin for the weekend. We aren't leaving until Friday morning because The Husband had to work late today (he is on call this week). Instead of taking two cars and wasting gas, we decided to just all go together tomorrow instead. The little community we are in up there does their own fireworks show right on the lake and it is very fun. (Well, last year was also very scary because one of the shoots holding up the fireworks tipped and shot the fireworks at the playground...and there were kids there. That was not cool at all.) 

I will be studying my hiney off over the holiday as well so that I can stay caught up (and get a little ahead) on my classes since I have a trip coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Be safe!

The Caffeinated Teacher


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