Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently July


Pretty self explanatory this month :)

The Oldest just started her online summer class yesterday. She is so offended that I have work due on Friday. A holiday. I tried to patiently explain that this is the real world and when you only have 7.5 weeks for a course, you don't get "holidays". She just doesn't get it. I don't mind actually because we aren't doing anything on the 4th except maybe having a bonfire at the cabin. The real party is Saturday night. So I have to get everything done by noon on Saturday so I can party Saturday night and not worry about the inevitable hangover.

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I too sometimes wish that there would not be things that are due on holidays, but at the same time I have to remember that I can always be the one that is proactive and turns it in BEFORE the holiday!

    Ah well. Sometimes we never learn! :)

    Have a great low key holiday!
    Lessons With Coffee 

    1. Yep, most of my stuff will probably be turned in a day before it's due. But since this is online entirely, there are things due certain days (even holidays) that you can't do until the day of because you have to wait for cohort members to finish and things like that. Ah well. I figure it'll take me maybe an hour total on the holiday to do course work. That still gives me 23 to play with :)

  2. Girl, I need to get my behind to the gym too!! I have my clothes on... but, blog stalking just seems way more purposeful right now!! ;) Enjoy the 4th!!

    The Teacher Talk

    1. haha! I have my gym clothes on too...but Currently blog stalking is so much more fun than the gym! :)