Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wrapping Up

Four more wakeups and this year will officially be put to bed. I'm really looking forward to this summer...especially because, as I've mentioned, I don't have to move rooms or change grades for the first time in 5 years so I really will have a much more relaxing summer than I did last year :) 

Originally, Mr. Principal was going to ask me to move over one classroom, to switch with Mrs. Resource. This would be so that Mr. 4th Grade and I would be next door and it'd be easier to do some team-teaching since we would be right next door to each other and share the back bump out space. Alas, once he learned that I have been moved like whoa, even within my own building, he changed his mind and said I could keep my room. :)

The lower elementary resource teacher will be next door to me next year. That will be absolutely fine because she will be doing a lot more push-in teaching next year so basically, that room next door will be empty a lot of the day. That means I get to hog the 6 laptops in our back bump out next year  for my kids. Yay! 

I have been purging and organizing this week. My plan is to be done by the time my kids leave on Thursday (12:14). I think my official check out time is not until 1:30 but the staff member who has checked me out of my room the last couple of years, usually come through and checks me out early. Last year my room wasn't even done and she said "yep, it looks good" lol (she knows I'm way too anal to just leave a mess so it was fine).

I have realized as I've been cleaning and organizing, I have a ton of stuff in my room that is old curriculum that we aren't using but they won't let us toss. Lame :( So I neatly packed it up and stored it into one of the cabinets I didn't use all year. So it's all off my shelves and now my shelves are there just for MY stuff. My desk is an absolute mess right now but I'm purging files and things and by end of the day on Tuesday, I think my room will be almost completely done. 

I can't tell you how freaking glad I am to be almost done this year. For whatever reason, our district has 4 more days than the surrounding ones (not due to snow day makeups) so my own kids are done but I'm not yet :( A couple of long crazy days will be had Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday and Thursday are half days and we will basically watch movies. On Thursday I will present my class with their end of year DVD. I have made one each year for the last 2, this will be my 3rd one. It's a fun way to remember the year and I always put them to music I know the kids are currently listening to. 

I'm ready for some sun, sand and...grad school lol (doesn't quite have a ring to it, does it? :)

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Thursday is my last day too. Can't wait!!!!

  2. We had an obscene amount of snow days this year and our last day is Wednesday. Kids will be done Monday. The districts around us have been out almost two weeks. Ugh... glad I'm not alone! Enjoy your last week!

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