Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Next Year + Currently

Holla! It's JUNE which means it's almost summer time. Yay! I love me some summer....days off to be as lazy as I want...sun, sand....ahhhh.

This year, for the first time in FIVE YEARS, I am not moving classrooms OR changing grade levels for the fall! Do you know what this means?? Not only am I going to be able to RAWK IT in 4th grade again....but I am also going to FINALLY be one of *those* people at my school who leave IMMEDIATELY on the last day of school because my crap will be DONE and I can LEAVE and not have to PACK, MOVE, UNPACK, MOVE AGAIN, etc. :D

I can not tell you how freaking happy I am about staying put for once. It will be so, so nice to know where everything already is and only have to move my furniture and set up my bulletin boards in August. That, I can do. 

Plus, yesterday we had our staff meeting to do our grouping cards (not sure if y'all do those--they are cards with kiddos' information on them regarding any disabilities, glasses, learning styles, etc that we do each spring so the teacher who has them in the fall has a little bit of background on them). 4th grade did them at lunch because there are only 2 5th grade classes next year (so far) and we already kind of knew who we were putting where. We also did this because the upcoming 4th graders have a handful of children who need to be split up and/or need some extra TLC. So Mr. 4th Grade and I sat with the 3rd grade team to help separate those classes up (side note....what I am going to do next year when there are TWO Mr. 4th Grades?! How will I tell them apart on the blog? haha).

As of right this second....I have 21 students for the fall. TWENTY ONE. (This year I topped out at 25, last year I had 30 in a split, the year before, 26 and the year before that 30.) I suspect that due to the extreme amount of behavior issues and referrals for this upcoming class, and how wide-spread the achievement levels are (seriously they are either WELL above grade level of ungodly BELOW grade level....not much in the middle) that the district is trying to be proactive and keep the classes smaller in 4th to a) combat the behavior issues and b) to help with the academic concerns. 

Regardless of the reason, I AM NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN! I just hope it stays this way. I suspect we will end up with a 4th/5th split again and that will put a wrench in our best laid plans...but maybe we'll get lucky and they'll leave us be. (As of yesterday the 3 fourth grade classes will have 21, 20 and 22 in them. Perfect in my mind.)

And finally....after all of my crazy, happy shouting....my Currently....

Listening -- I am home from work today still trying to recover from this ear issue (it has given me vertigo which is why I stayed home) and it is blissfully quiet here. The girls are at school and camp and I am loving the peacefulness.

Loving - I seriously will be in HEAVEN if my class stays as little as they are projecting...heck even 24 is better than 28. Those extra few bodies make a huge difference. I am also so, so glad to not be changing rooms or grades for once :)

Thinking - Starting with this current school year, our district has asked us to make two specific goals each year, one for student learning growth and one for instructional, something we want to change. I want to do something with Choice Menus next year, especially for math, so I need to start putting my thinking cap on so I can do some planning for it this summer.

Wanting - I do love my class and my school...but I am ready for this year to be done. It's been really warm and sunny the past few days and I am SO ready for no alarm clocks and flip flops for 3 months!

Needing - I knew yesterday that I probably wasn't going to make it to work today due to my inner ear issue so I brought home some things I absolutely MUST get done and I need to get started on that list....I don't want to, but I need to.

Summer Bucket List - 1) In January I joined a gym and was doing really awesome at going...but I never went even once in May. Not once! :( It was a super busy and crazy month...so I am determined to get to the gym at least 4x per week (unless I'm on vacation out of town) this summer, starting this week. 2) I am starting my EdD program on June 29th and I am SO excited about my first class...I am also determined to finish that first class with an A...A- at the very worst. 3) We bought a pontoon the weekend before last and just got a trailer for it...now we need to get the motor fixed and put it into the water. I can't wait to spend lazy summer days on the water on our super fun pontoon!

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Congrats on not having to move!! I have been in 2nd for my 7 years of teaching, and luckily have only had to move rooms once! I can't imagine doing it year after year!!

    Simply Second Grade

    1. A couple of times the move was voluntary...but not very often. I have changed grades so many times, its crazy haha On the positive side, I know where they are coming from and where they need to go. The only grade I've missed as a teacher is 3rd in the 2nd-5th arena so at least I know what they've had and what is coming next :)

  2. It was always nice to be able to leave all of my stuff at school over the summer and NOT have to pack up and cart things home/around.

    Good luck with your EdD Class!

    1. Thank you! It's kind of ridiculous how excited I am to NOT be moving. :) Originally Mr. Principal was going to switch my room until he realized how many times I've been moved and he felt bad so I dodged the bullet ;)

  3. Yay for not having to move, keeping the same grade and (hopefully!) smaller classes! I experienced the no moving thing for the first time last year and I loved it! (Makes it easier not to worry about where you'll be or what grade!)

    Good luck with your first class-I hope it is fun!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

    1. I think my first class will be ridiculously fun...because I am such a nerd! lol I LOVE being a student...and this is even better because my entire doctoral program is all online. It will be nice to be able to stay up late and work on school stuff this summer (since I tend to be a night owl when I'm not working) and then can spend my days with my girls. :)

      I am super pumped to know for sure what I am teaching and WHO...because it will make my planning so much easier this summer.