Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Reader

Back when everyone panicked that Google Reader was going away, there were so many blog posts about how people were going to read their long list of beloved blogs. Bloglovin.com seemed to be everyone's go to choice.

I didn't use Google Reader as I always read my blogs with Google Friend Connect since they all show up on my dashboard. I didn't know if I really believed the hype on Bloglovin' or not. I tried it and didn't find it to be the answers to all of my prayers. Not even close. In fact, I think the site stinks. It is not clean and user-friendly enough for me. I used it long enough to claim my blog and move over about 20 or so blogs. I hated it and figured my reliable GFC was going to be just fine.

And it has been until this weekend when the Java kept messing up and I could only see the most recent post. (Not everyone's most recent--that's how it's supposed to be. I mean literally the last blogger to post is the one and only one that was showing up.)

Well that wasn't going to work. So I decided to give Bloglovin' another shot and nope. With the 4th time the site crashed as I was trying to access it, I said a few choice words and went in search of something better.

I came across feedly. It's a slick little app that allows you to browse by topic (and will pull up anything relevant) or to add your own blogs and sites you want to read. As I was adding blogs to feedly,  I noticed something. According to GFC,  I follow 207 blogs. I think perhaps 2 dozen of those are actually active. There are some that are active that just don't interest me anymore (one of the most popular blogs I followed when I first started blogging is one I no longer read because it is SO negative--bonus point for you if you can guess which one it is).

I'm sure people follow this blog and pass on by when it shows up in their feeds.  Tastes change, time goes on. I don't feel the need to impress anyone. I have had people email me and tell me what a jerk I am when I tell it how it is on the blog and my first question is always "Why are you reading my blog if you don't like it?!" That just makes no sense to me.

So this long winded post has a point (who knew? )...if you follow blogs just to follow them,  you probably aren't getting what you really need or want from that blogger. Read what you can connect with and helps give you hope for what you want to do and where you want to go. Don't just be a follower. I know I will no longer be.


  1. Tell it like it is! I get so tired of people being PC ALL the time. I'd much rather hear the truth no matter how blunt or painful. Ha! Keep on telling it!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

    1. I'm sometimes too honest, I think haha

      Interestingly, I read an article this morning about Gary Oldman having to "apologize" for having an opinion about Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson. I think it is ludicrous. Someone is always going to be offended no matter what and I say it's about time we stop worrying about hurting other people's feelings or insulting their religious beliefs and just be true to ourselves.

  2. Sorry to hear about those sour grapes! I agree that feedly has been my choice after Google Reader, which I sorely miss. Also, I recently linked to one of your posts on my June 25, 2014 post on my blog.

    First Grade Frame of Mind

    1. I'm jealous! I LOVE that organizer. A few of my kiddos weren't very careful with it and it ripped a little in some of the pockets (a lot in a couple). I'm hopeful I can find another one this year. I LOVE that thing.

  3. I just use my blogroll for reading the blogs I like. I did realize recently that many of the blogs on there have not posted in a LONG time so I did some cleaning up and tried to keep only the ones I really enjoy. Every once in awhile I try to find some new ones to keep things fresh, but sometimes all the blogs that are really sleekly designed with lots of products for sale make me feel like a loser blogger. :0)

    1. Honestly, those blogs that are more of an advertisement for all of their products are not ones I even read. Honestly I don't know how those people can possibly have TIME to create all of that stuff, teach and have a family. It boggles my mind. Good for them if they can balance it all.

      Alas, I don't read blogs to be advertised to so those are blogs I avoid.