Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doctor Who?

Things are coming together, I hope! By the end of next week, I should hear officially if I am going to be a doctoral student or not. 

I am really, really excited about the whole thing. I was working with a gal named Ciara from the university as my enrollment specialist. I emailed her yesterday to let her know my transcripts were in the mail. She let me know she was just moved over to working solely with MBA students and I would have a new enrollment specialist/counselor named Chris. 

He touched base with me today and had me update one thing in my letter of intent (LOI). He also said they already had my transcripts. (How did that happen so fast?!) I had to request a transcript from University of Phoenix where I took an online class for my master's program because I could not get into the class at my university. I was able to do that electronically and they had it within 15 minutes. I updated my LOI and sent it to him. He said that he looks over everything and then a reviewer does to make sure they didn't miss anything, etc. He said his reviewer was very impressed with my application. Yay! 

Now it's just a waiting game to see what the committee says. Part of me would like to think there is no way in the world they wouldn't accept me but then again...who knows, right? This is the big time now. 

If I am accepted, I will officially begin my first doctoral class on June 29. The course titles seriously just make me smile. I am beyond excited at even the prospect of this program.

My first courses would be: The Ethical Educator; Transformational Learning; Creativity, Inquiry and Innovation; Quantitative Research Methods; Leading Organizational Change and Qualitative Research Methods; The Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing.

Color me a huge geek but I am SUPER pumped about these classes. They are mostly research and pre-research based. Those are all the courses I would take my first year (one at a time, 7.5 weeks per course so definitely doable). The second year I would get to take my concentration area courses.

I will probably cry if I don't get accepted...I am so, so excited about the whole thing. It's the first big step toward me truly reaching my goals. People think I will leave the K-5 classroom once I earn my doctorate...nope. I plan to create change from within. 

How much more is my voice going to mean toward changing policies if I am a practicing teacher rather than just a talking head?? That's kind of my view at this moment. I can't wait to see how my opinions change (or don't *wink*) based upon what I (hopefully) learn in this program.

Cross your fingers, eyes and toes for me. I want in SOOOOO bad.

The Caffeinated Teacher

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