Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Fever + MAP

Mother Nature needs to get with the program! I'm ready for 60-70 degree weather every day...not just when she feels like giving it to us! :) 

We've had some Spring Fever this week. Oh my word. The kiddos aren't naughty or anything (well no naughtier than fourth graders are wont to be) but we just long to be outside and play and run and frolic.

Alas, we are just about to MAP test so we've had to push our little brains to the brim. We have our first test Monday morning. At 8:45. Have I mentioned school starts at 8:30? Yeah. I'm not really thrilled with that time slot but I guess someone has to do it, right?

We have been working on data the last two weeks since  we came back from Spring Break. I believe I mentioned that our school district unspiraled the Everyday Math and added a lot of performance type tasks. This isn't just isn't very easy to follow. Unfortunately, I noticed that whomever was working on the fourth grade new units did not include a data unit. At all. NOTHING whatsoever about data. Uh...considering every year that I have used the MAP, the biggest thing on the spring test is DATA, we needed to do something. So I waved my magic wand (lol) and created a short data unit for us to use before the MAP.

I'm not sure my kiddos really have all of the basics down but hopefully they will be okay. We are taking the Reading test Monday and the Math next Monday. I'm more nervous for the math than the reading because even though we've been busting our butts....they don't always remember what I've taught them from Monday to Tuesday, let alone over the course of a year or semester. 

We shall see. I will be glad when the whole thing is done and over. Very ready to put this year to bed.

The Caffeinated Teacher


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