Sunday, April 13, 2014

End of Break = Sadness

I am not ready for Spring Break to be over. Not ready at all!

My break started April 3 at 3:30 officially although I didn't leave school until about 5:45. A colleague of mine who signed on to sell Thirty-One with me and I went to the Summer Premiere together that night. It was super fun and a great way to start our break :) 

Over the next week, I did a lot of relaxing, we went out a couple of times but mostly stayed home and just did whatever we wanted (read: hanging out in PJs all day, reading books, playing Sims 3, etc). It was fabulous. 

Yesterday we went to the zoo and it started raining but I brought my umbrella so it was fine. It was kind of a bummer because the weather was GORGEOUS when I was at the gym in the morning and then it got crappy. It was the warmest day of the week too. Rude. Last night we had a couple of big storms roll through and knock down lots of trees and power for about 12 hours. It came back on around 6:30 this morning just in time for another storm to come through. (Gotta love spring in Michigan!)

I have to admit that I have to dig out the grading I didn't quite finish on the 3rd and get it done so I'm all set for tomorrow. Kinda don't want to though. Denial, much? :)

Of course I love what I do. It's all I have ever really wanted to do (well besides write)...but sometimes, I'm tired. Tired of politics, tired of drama. I think this year is worse than most years because we had SUCH a long winter and we get a teaser of a couple of nice days and then its supposed to be 49 and then 39 the first two days back. Seriously?? SNOW is in the forecast even though today's high is 66. I'm over snow and never want to see it again (well at least not until Christmas). Ugh.

It's only a four day week though so that's good. No recess duty for me (again) because I have it on Friday and we have no school haha :) I am meeting my fall TA on Wednesday morning and that's something to be happy about. I'm really excited to meet her. She may well hang out for awhile in my room on Wednesday which is fine with me. It'll be good for her to see how things work in my room after procedures and expectations have been put into place for most of the year. 

I did my TA in the winter so I just slipped in and helped with what my CT already had in place. I've never had anyone in the fall so that will be interesting. I tend to be kind of fussy about how I do things so I have to remember that she is learning. Of course in the TA semester their job is to come in and basically assist....but I want her to feel like she has a say in what happens in my room too. After all, I hated my student teacher's idea of a Homework Hotspot last year but I use it this year....I guess I shouldn't say I hated the idea, I hated how we set it up. We were so limited with wall space and I did not like how we had to do it...but this year I found a 27 pocket organizer that hangs on the window by the door and it works fabulously. So you never know...she influenced me more than she probably realizes. I'm sure  my TA will bring something new to the table as well. 

I think I just want to be sad because it's a gloomy day and I don't want to get up early and go to work tomorrow haha

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