Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's + Frog Games + Currently

Happy April Fool's Day! One of my colleagues was posting on FaceBook last night that she wanted to pull some pranks on her kids but was afraid she would just giggle the whole time. I told her she needed to embrace her inner Queen Wood and learn to be straight faced. (Last year when my student teacher was teaching on the American Revolution, she wanted to do a simulation of the tax acts and I said I would be "King George" aka, Queen Wood. We were doing an economy unit and the kids had class cash and I charged them for everything. Breathing, smiling, looking out the window. I mean I laid it on thick. And totally kept a straight face the whole time. Those poor kids probably thought I had lost my ever loving mind. It was epic, they learned how the colonists felt and the following day I brought them cookies for being such good sports about my brief psychosis haha!).

I went all morning (which is 4 hours before a break) without doing anything...and then after lunch I pulled my prank. It was awesome. We've had paper concerns at our school lately and the kids knew only because I had told them last week (before the issue was resolved) that I couldn't make separate copies of one packet for everyone because we needed to conserve paper. So I went along with this and asked them, very seriously, to take their chair pockets off their chairs and put them on their desks. I said, "Friends, you know how we have had paper shortages? Would you believe there is a school in our district that has a chair shortage? I didn't know this but apparently there is and I just found out at lunch that we have to give up our chairs to share with them." They TOTALLY bought it and were stacking chairs and everything. Haha! Finally one of the kids in the back of the room yells out, "HEY, it's April Fools' Day...you're fooling....right?" the last part was so quiet and you could tell he was really hoping I was kidding. LOL I couldn't help but laugh and I had to admit that of course I was fooling them but that they believed me and I got them good ;) They are so silly. A Chair Shortage?? 

After my prank, we did some quick spelling practice and then I let them loose on my new Frog Game sets! When I was at the TL Conference in DC, I went to the exhibition hall and had to go to this table that had frog everything (seriously I have frogs everywhere in my room -- not live ones). They had their game sets for $68 instead of the usual $85 and I got them shipped home for free (I was afraid they wouldn't fit on the airplane carry-on). They arrived yesterday and I was so excited to use them. I had never heard of them but apparently we have some in our school. (I have discovered we have a ton of awesome things in our building that people hoard and don't share...they don't use them but they don't share them either. Lame.) Many of my kiddos knew how the games worked because they had used them with a tutor or in the after school program. Awesome because then I don't have to teach them the directions! They had a blast. I got a math set and a critical thinking set...because my kids can't think outside the box. At all. It's really sad and frustrating and I'm hoping this will help. I think we will do the math set tomorrow. We shall see.

Finally, my Currently for April :)

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I love your school hours! Sounds like y'all had a great day!! I'm so gullible my kindergarten and 1st grade pull out kids kept fooling me by making me look at bugs, butterflies, and spiders all day and then yelling, "hahaha we made you look again! April Fools!" Next year I will be more prepared with my inner Queen Wood :)

  2. What an awesome trick! I would have totally laughed! One of our teachers made jello in clear plastic cups with a straw in each cup so it looked like a drink of Kool Aid. Very clever!
    Grade 4 Buzz