Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Epic March Take 1

Not long ago I mentioned how very EPIC I knew my March was going to be. There is a ton going on, spring (should be) on its way and the sun has actually been blindingly bright twice this week. Awesome.

I had my first Thirty-One party of the month on Sunday and it went well. Yay!

The most exciting thing happening this month is NOT my observation that could happen anytime...but rather my Skillet concert that is TOMORROW! *insert me squealing like an 11 year old girl at a One Direction concert*

I bought myself the ticket for Christmas. Second row seat. That in and of itself was enough for me. I have long since thought that John Cooper (lead singer/songwriter) invades my brain when he writes his songs because almost every song on the RISE album (except Circus for a Psycho which is really the only one I'm not a fan of) speak to some part of my life. It's kind of crazy actually.  I have been anticipating this concert for so long and it's finally here...

And then I get an email thanking me for my VIP ticket purchase and to arrive by 5 to get my VIP passes and stuff and for the meet and greet.




As in MEET THE BAND?! Oh my word!!! I may wet my pants! The Oldest says "oh my God mom, stop being a teenage girl!" (to which I replied "stop being such an old lady!"). 

My Epic March just got even MORE Epic!!! I am going to not only get to meet them, but I will get a professional picture with them AND an autographed picture and lanyard. 

Holy crap! I truly had no idea that I was buying those perks.

But I'm glad I did....I don't know if I will sleep tonight! I'm SO excited!

The Caffeinated Teacher

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  1. How exciting!!! :) :) :) I admit - I'm jealous. Have a blast! You've earned it!!!