Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents Day = Relaxation Day

Happy Presidents' Day! I hope you are enjoying the day off from school. We actually got today off free and clear which I don't think has ever happened in my 8 years with  my district. Crazy. My kids ended up with the day off too so while I thought I was going to get a Mommy Day....I didn't. (That has happened like 3 times this year! Weird!) 

Today was really meant to be a day of relaxation -- it is a day off, right? Alas I had a doctor's appointment at 8 a.m. (made for that early because I thought my kids had school -- seriously did I not get their school calendar this year?! -- and that I'd be up anyway getting them on the bus). After the doctor, I came home and made cinnamon rolls. Yum! Evil but yummy! Then I wasted time until just before 11 when I headed out to my one hour relaxation massage. I got a Groupon last week for an hour massage of choice for only $36 (down from $60 normally). Um, Happy Valentine's Day to me! Like I was going to let that go! 

It was FABULOUS. I haven't had a full body massage in about 15 years -- it was well before I even met my husband. My massage therapist was incredible. I've had some aches and pains in my back for awhile and was hopeful the massage would help. My MT said she thinks I had a rib out of place and that's why I had a sore spot under my shoulder blade. She had a heck of a time loosening up my left side but once she got it to let go a bit, the rib slid back into place. Oh my goodness. RELIEF! 

You better bet your eye that I bought a package for 5 more massages! It was a lot to pay up front but it will be worth it. I will see her again on February 27. It'll be perfect because a) conferences will have been had and I will probably be overtired from that and b) we have a field trip that day which will probably make me want to jump off a cliff :D This will be the perfect way to end that day!

Apparently I struck some chords with my last post. Just a speculation...based upon evidence. Check this out:
Look at the number of comments (3) compared to the views (1028). Interesting. Especially considering the five posts before that had a maximum of 81 page views. Apparently...not only did I strike a chord but the truth hurts because no one disagreed. Very interesting.

I am off to take my baby kitty to the vet and get her first set of shots and hopefully figure out how old she is (we got her from a friend who found her under their house in the super cold weather at the end of January).
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I have never had a massage. I have friends who do and they all say it is amazing and you feel so great when you are done. I'm thinking I need to find somewhere around here and make an appointment. :) Hope you have a great week!

  2. My favorite massages are hot rocks. I may have to look into one for spring break.