Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday!

 TGIF!! I'm liking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday! 

1. Massage
The fabulous 1-hour massage that I had on Monday left me feeling giddy when I left but HOLY COW was I sore by about 7 that night. Sore like, in pain. Like...about to cry it hurt soooo much. Alas, hubby put a little BioFreeze on the most sore place and by Tuesday morning I felt like a million dollars.

 2. I Might be a Fish
I learned a lesson after that massage, I can tell you what. I have been drinking water like it's going out of style since Monday afternoon. My MT told me to drink a ton of water after the massage and I did (54 oz in about 5 hours) but I also knew that I hurt as much as I did because I don't drink enough water. I have been doing great with it -- I have had 64-74 oz of water a day since. My skin looks awesome, I FEEL better and honestly...aside from the mug of Diet Coke I allow myself in the morning (out of a coffee cup since it's my caffeine source), I don't even MISS the soda. Yay!

3. Water = Weight Loss
That whole water thing has not only made my skin look fan-freaking-tastic....I lost 3.5 lbs since my doctor appointment on Monday! I know it is because I'm flushing all of the excess junk out of my system and it's awesome!

4. I can't spell!
I use this question board daily with my 4th graders. Today, I must not have been paying real close attention because our question was "was your homework hard"? (They had a different kind of homework than I usually give.) I hadn't even noticed that I wrote homeword! One of my kids pointed it out to me. I mentioned it in class afterward and one of my little guys says, "you weren't being mindful". Touche!
(We've been talking about how being mindful - my OLW for 2014 - means paying attention in the moment to whatever you are supposed to be doing. This little guy clearly latched onto the concept!)

5. Bullies Suck :(
We have had a lot of issues with bullying in our school lately. To the effect that we had to have our principal address it with the entire 3rd floor (4th and 5th graders) last week. Unfortunately we have a staff member in our school that bullies kids sometimes and she bullied ME (um, bad plan, dumplin'). So I filed a complaint. Part of me feels bad about it - but you know what? If I'm going to preach to my 4th graders that they can't be mean to each other, that means the adults in our school can't be mean to each other OR the kids.

The Caffeinated Teacher

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  1. I love the question board. Really fun and motivating. :)