Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tragedy + Something Positive

It was a roller coaster at school yesterday. Unless you have hidden yourself under a rock, you likely heard and saw multiple pictures of that horrible wreck on I-94. A couple was killed in that crash that happened to be from my area. Didn't really think much about it because what was the  likelihood that it would be anyone I knew?

The woman, Marilyn, was a teacher at my school. She retired in 2008 (so two years before I came there as a teacher) but she was there when I was a student teacher and most recently she had subbed for us when another colleague's mother passed away. She was a beautiful soul, truly the epitome of an amazingly selfless person. She would always accidentally call me Mrs. Woods with an S and when anyone else would do it, I would majorly correct them, "no S!" but I never had the heart to correct her because she was so sweet. Lots of tears and sadness at our school yesterday morning as the word spread that it had been our dear friend and colleague who passed in that tragic crash.

In the afternoon yesterday, I also learned that a current colleague of mine's mother passed away yesterday. I worked with this woman in 2nd grade two years ago and knew her mom was getting up there and was leaning toward senility but it was a bit unexpected. So sad for all of us. I text her last night with my condolences and said I would help any way I can. 

I am the Social Committee chair at my school and will be arranging for flower arrangements and/or a memorial donation from the staff for our friends and colleagues. I know in my heart that Marilyn, a very faithfilled woman, would have asked God to take her instead of someone else--she lived a full and happy life. For those of us left behind, however, it is so devastating because they were such good people and met such a sad end. Pray for their boys and grandchildren who are probably beside themselves to lose both parents at once.

Amidst the tragedy yesterday, I had a positive. On Monday evening, I got a phone call from a woman named Carol. She introduced herself to me and said she was a former teacher in my district who had earned National Board Certification in 2002. She didn't renew so is no longer on the books and therefore our new administration in the district didn't know about her and touted me as the "first" NBCT in our district...really I'm the 2nd.

She currently works at MSU as a facilitator for their interns. She said she wanted to come see me. She wanted to offer coaching services to me if I wanted them (for FREE!) and she wanted to form somewhat of an alliance to boost the numbers of NBCTs in our district.  Yes, please!

She came to see me yesterday morning. She and I hit it off immediately. We had a lot to talk about considering she retired from the high school where my students will eventually go. She is going to push the placement coordinator at MSU to place interns with me which would be so awesome. What I do like about how MSU does it as compared to my alma mater is that they are with you all year--half days at first and then full days. The kids truly get to see them as part of your classroom, which I think is so much better than the two different placements my university did (although I liked how we did it too because we got to be in more than one district and I learned I could never work in an affluent district around here--the teachers that I met were not friendly or helpful to us interns and there is very little diversity).

She also gave me a copy of her book which I can't wait to read! So despite some tragedy...good things are still on their way for me. I'm excited about it.
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