Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear Winter....

Dear Winter,
You have made your point. Isn't 90 inches of snow enough? Last year by this time, we had only 18. EIGHTEEN. Now we've had NINETY. I think you can turn off your snow machine. Please?? PRETTY FREAKING PLEASE?! 

My kids aren't going to get half of the stuff they need in their brains if this trend continues.

A frustrated teacher who is sick of indoor recess!!

Yep, another snow day. It may actually be a record. I don't think my district has EVER had 4 snow days in one year. Chances are, tomorrow will be a "cold day" as well because its supposed to stay -18 with the windchill (and I believe the threshold is sustained -15). Not that I really mind the extra time off...we get 6 built in so we are still fine...but I'm over this winter. We haven't had outdoor recess in two weeks...and this week, whenever we end up back at school, will likely be the third. I may die. The kids have cabin fever. *I* have cabin fever!

It snowed so much this weekend I didn't even leave my house at all on Saturday. Not even once! I barely peeked out the door to let my dogs out (and you can believe they came racing right back in after they did their thing because it is SO cold). I was losing my mind from being stuck inside for weeks upon end it seems. So last night at 7:50 I went to the gym (thankfully it's less than a mile from my house). Man did it feel good to get some energy out! 

Alas, I am ready for spring. MORE.THAN.READY. And when its 100 degrees this summer, please remind me of this bitter cold and tell me to stifle it. 

I'm really worried about this week though because if they do close for tomorrow too, I am going to have to go in at some point. I have a sub on Wednesday due to an appointment for The Youngest that I can't reschedule. Two extra days off and then a sub? PLUS my new girl from Rwanda will be starting and I'd hate for her first day to be with anyone but me :( 

Maybe they'll just call it through Wednesday and I won't have to worry about it!

The Caffeinated Teacher


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  2. I hear ya! I am SO DONE with winter, too! We had a cold day today and already got the call that we'll be off again tomorrow too. Yikes! Crazy town. Stay warm!

  3. Raye,
    I am so sorry, in days drive us all crazy. I am with you, I am so ready for spring. We could use some of that snow you have here in Utah. It is suppose to rain tomorrow which means tons of black ice tomorrow night. Take care

  4. I feel for all of you who are stuck with the snow! We have hardly gotten any this year - we got our first storm yesterday, but it was very light and is already melted away.