Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently JaNEWary! :)

Happy New Year! May you be blessed and prosperous in 2014!!

I LOVE the start of a new year. As a teacher, I love that I get TWO fresh starts every year. January 1st like everyone else but also the start of a new school year after a summer of relaxation and getting myself fired up for a new year of kids.

This year, the new year is really special. I have grand plans for 2014. GRAND. I am even going to be in the paper this year. In just a few days in fact. (More on that later.) 

For now, I will leave you with my Currently for this month of JaNEWary as I prepare for my best year yet.

Listening: My two dogs, Morgan and Hershey, have now left the room but as I was making my graphic, they were growling at each other. Poor Morgan still doesn't like Hershey very much and we've had him for 2 years! Hershey LOVES Morgan though and is always licking his face or ears (?!?!) and Morgan hates he growls. And often it is the "music" I listen to when I'm working in my office. Pleasant, huh?

Loving: Absolutely enjoying this break! It's been very low-key which is exactly how I like it! Nothing pressing to do, just enjoying doing whatever I please with my days.

Thinking: Several of my colleagues and I have been joking the past two weeks about how we don't have the Sunday night blues because we know we don't have to work the next day....and I know that this week I definitely WILL have them. Don't get me wrong....I love what I do but I also love the downtime.

Wanting: Even though I was convinced we'd have school on 12/20 (and we had an ice day), I brought my stuff home "just in case"....and it's been sitting here since. It really needs to get done but I don't want to do it. I may resort to paying someone to do it for me haha!

Needing: I do not need one single thing right has been very good lately and it would be selfish of me to ask for more. (Although a hot chocolate would be awesome right now.)

Memory/Tradition: My littles just turned 11 and 12 (not-so-little anymore!) but both of them still very much believe in Santa. I don't plan to change that any time soon. Middle Child, the 12 year old, is  my Aspie and has such a sensitive heart. It's really sweet how much she clings to the Santa notion. I'm not about to tell her otherwise. (In fact, if my students tell me that Santa doesn't exist, I just shrug and say, "well he always brings me a present!" and leave it at that....just in case there are a few kiddos who do still believe.) I have never been one to tell my kids Santa brings them all the good stuff--nope, Santa fills our Stockings. So we always make sure to pick something really extra special for the stockings and its so much fun to watch their faces light up in the morning when they show us what Santa brought. I will be very sad when they both stop believing because its been my tradition for 18 years since I had The Oldest. I hope they carry it on with their kiddos.

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Hi Raye! Happy New Year and Happy Currently!
    Can you please send me an e-mail address? I want to send you something! :)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. :)

    2. You are so sweet, Kim! Thank you! :)

    3. I mean it! When I think back to the events of August/September, I am awestruck that you handled... life... with such grace! When my life gets complicated, I always remember those posts. Instant motivation! Yay, YOU!


  2. Oh, I will definitely have the Sunday night blues. It's so hard to go back after a long break. I LOVE that your kids till believe. That warms my heart! I dread the day that my little one stops believing.

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

  3. Your Santa story is so sweet! What a nice tradition you have with your stockings and what you tell your children.

    I also do the "just in case" bringing home of papers, and they always sit there in the original "just in case" spot, never done. I just like to lug piles of school work back and forth :)

    Happy New Year! And I can't wait to read about why you were in the paper!

    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Happy New Year! You're right, hot chocolate does sound nice right now, Maybe it will help the Sunday blues just a little?

  5. Boo to the Sunday blues! But enjoy what's left of your break! Happy New Year!
    Covered in Glitter and Glue