Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Night Blues & December Currently

 It has been a long while since I've had the Sunday Night Blues. But I have them now. Big time.

Probably because I have done absolutely ZERO school work this break (which has been awesome) but means that I am sorely behind for the week and thus tomorrow morning might be ugly. Real ugly.

So what better way to continue to procrastinate than to join in on this month's Currently (which I haven't done in awhile).

Listening: The girls love Drake & Josh even though that show isn't on anymore. So whenever there is a Drake & Josh special on, they watch it. I don't mind too much since I liked the show when it was on.

Loving: It's only 18 days until The Oldest comes back home for Christmas! I can't wait. She was home from West Virginia all week and I loved having her back home. We did our nails, went to see Catching Fire together and just had fun. I miss her company so much! Can't wait to have her home for three weeks next time!

Thinking: Considering I have done absolutely NOTHING this entire break that is school related, I really probably should get myself going on lesson plans for this week ;) I know what I'm teaching but I have to put my stations in somewhat of a coherent order or tomorrow morning is going to be very, very ugly :)

Wanting: A few more days off....this relaxation time has been absolutely wonderful.

Needing: A day off to get my plans together for this week, especially since I will be out on Wednesday for a PD and thus have to make sub plans. Ick!

Favorite Tradition: Even though The Littles are 12 and nearly 11, they still believe in Santa and I'm not about to tell them otherwise. So each year we still track Santa on Norad. :)

Okay....I guess I gotta twist my own arm to go pretend to be productive. I did tackle a ton of laundry today...that counts for something, right? :)
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I agree! If I don't get going, my morning will be ugly too:(. There is still time, at least that is what I am telling myself:) Good luck!

  2. I totally get the Sunday evening blues when I am not prepared for the next day.
    Happy December!

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  4. Sunday night blues, indeed! I'm with you, I accomplished very little school-wise over the four day weekend I had. However, I know if I had more days the outcome would be no different, I know myself too well :). If nothing else, I know I've only got to hold on for three more weeks, then another bigger break is coming along. Good luck tonight - know that as you're cramming, teachers across the country are cramming right along with you!

  5. I have the same tradition. I love tracking Santa on Norad. I drive Sean crazy announcing when Santa is and which kids are getting their presents. :)