Friday, December 20, 2013

SNOW/ICE DAY! & Thinking Ahead

I think Mother Nature took pity on us poor teachers who had to endure the week before Christmas AND a full moon in the same week because to my utter shock, we had an ice day today. Woo hoo! Christmas Break started a day early. :D

I am not sad about it AT ALL. A few teacher friends of mine (newer teachers) were bummed because they said "now we can't have our party".  Sure you can! Have it in January. My 2nd year of teaching we had a really bad winter and had a snow day the day before break. So we came to school in January and had our Christmas party. It's what I will do this year too. Just hope my kiddos remember to bring their party treats. I will have to mail them a note so they aren't too bummed. (Although we rarely get snow days so I'm sure its the farthest thing from their mind at the moment *wink*)
I'm just glad that I planned for "just in case" and brought my things home....otherwise I would have had no choice but to go in and do some work. A couple of my colleagues did. No, thank you. I have more than earned this break. I have a bit of grading I need to catch up on and I will do it today since technically it was supposed to be a school day. Then I won't feel like I'm cheating on my "no school work over break" rule. 
Yesterday I was a machine. I got all of my stations for both math and reading prepped and copied and even gave a copy of the activities to my teammates so they are all set too. Everything is set for that first few days back which is really important now that we didn't have school today. I can finish up my grading today and then when I get to school on January 6 (we aren't allowed in over break), I can quickly change my calendar and schedule and still be ready for the day. 
I'm kind of planning ahead, which I often begin to do at the turn of the new year. This summer, along with many other teachers, I jumped on the Erin Condren planner bandwagon. I LOVE that planner because it holds almost everything I need in just one spot. However, I have found myself wanting a bit more space of late so I think that for next year, I am going to make my own planner using the ARC system at Staples. I use an ARC for my Thirty-One stuff and I love that I can change my mind and move things around, take it out, add it, etc. So that's what I'm going to do, I think. 
I have used PlanbookEDU and have talked about how much I love it (and I totally do) and I want to be able to utilize it the way I did in the past. I can't really do that when I'm using the bound planner I have because there is no way for me to add papers to be more detailed with some of my plans. That isn't working for me and thus I have had to keep a separate notebook for those plans and that, to me, defeats the purpose. 
Over the next couple of months I think I will experiment with my design and see what I come up with. I do LOVE the format of the Erin Condren planner and may end up making something similar that I can simply customize to my own needs. We shall see.
Enjoy your winter break :)

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Woo Hoo for an early break for you! Enjoy your break!!

  2. I LOVE your no work over break rule! All of my grading is finished, but I will have to do some curriculum work on a couple of new preps I have for next semester. Oh well, nothing I can't live with! Happy Break!

    1. I usually break my rule at least once because, just like in the summer, we're always thinking and planning. I really try hard to not do anything school related until at least January though and usually, I make that. :) It helps me be much more relaxed and rejuvenated to hit the ground running in January.