Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I think I'm alive :)

I can't believe its been almost 10 days since I posted. Oops. 

Funny to me since I just read another blog where the blogger basically said the same thing "oops, didn't mean to be gone so long". :)

I think that this time of year is just rough. There is so much going on, both personally with holidays and parties, and professionally with trying to keep 24 9-10 year olds focused a week before Christmas. PLUS a full moon this week? Yuck.

The roughest part of this year is that we have such a long morning. Our recess was moved to the afternoon this year so Monday-Wednesday every week, my kids go from 8:30-12:40 without any kind of real break. No specials or anything except Computer Lab on Tuesday which doesn't count because they take their weekly reading test then. We still use The Walking Classroom (although I need to buy new batteries for our WalkKits over break) and it helps some....they are AWESOME in the morning. After lunch? HA! It's a joke.

It's even more of a joke because we get done with lunch at 1:20 and have recess at 2:10. By the time I get them upstairs and they get the winter gear off, it's 1:30. We're lucky to get a whole writing lesson in before recess. Then they are outside for 20 minutes and then we have 45 minutes left before its time to prepare to go home. The afternoons REALLY stink. They are almost pointless with how short they are and how hard it is to reign the kids back in because they are just DONE after the super long morning. (Last year was perfect - 2 hours of instruction, then recess, then 90 minutes, lunch and two hours and home.)

Sometimes I'm lucky I know my name when I get home! I am SO behind it's not funny. Alas, I am bound and determined that I absolutely WILL NOT spend time over my break on school stuff. I might read a teacher book or two (because otherwise I never have time to) but no lesson planning or grading. No way, Jose. 

It's gonna be tough with only two days to go plus a holiday party on Friday. Lord grant me the serenity....

The Caffeinated Teacher


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