Sunday, November 3, 2013

West Virginia Weekend

Did you survive Halloween at school? Our Halloween was wet and cold. I had Friday off, otherwise known as The Day After, because we were traveling down to West Virginia to see The Oldest for her first Homecoming as a college student. So while my students were trying to open their eyes Friday morning in class after the sugar haze of Thursday night, we were heading through Michigan and Ohio to hit West Virginia and see our baby!

It was, as usual, a loooong drive! I took a nap in the back of the van part of the drive down there and it was awesome. The Husband drove the whole way (he doesn't let me drive when we're together in the car -- it's a masculine thing) but he never complained. We got to the hotel around 3:30 on Friday. We stayed at a different hotel than we have the last two times we went and it was really nice. We showered and freshened up and then headed to the college to pick The Oldest up!

The Husband and The Littles hadn't seen The Oldest's actual dorm except in pictures so we all headed up there to get her. She nearly knocked me over the side of the balcony hugging me when she opened the door. (She loves school but she's been having some issues with suite mates lately and is feeling a bit homesick.) It was so good to see her. She hasn't gained any of the Freshman 15 so far so she looks great. We gave The Husband and The Littles the "grand tour" of her suite and room and then she packed up her stuff and off we went. We ate dinner in the small town where her college is and it was SUPER yummy.

Then we drove back to the hotel and just hung out together. Saturday was a full day at the college. The Oldest had rehearsal and the parade for homecoming and we hung out at the school and in town. We went to the craft fair and had a good time at the parade too. We headed back to the hotel and had dinner at the Bob Evans next door to our hotel. It was so good just to sit and chat with The Oldest and catch up on how things are going. It's not like we never talk, because we do, but its so different when she's right at the table with you :) 

We watched movies last night and I looked over some of her school work with her. We got a good night's sleep and I woke up really early despite the time change (and the fact that usually I sleep late on weekends). We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then had to take The Oldest back to school so she could go to work at the dining hall and we could head home. I didn't let The Husband or The Littles come up with us because I knew The Oldest was feeling sad that we were leaving and it would be harder for her. I got her settled back into her room and headed to the car so we could get moving.

I sent The Oldest a text and told her to keep her chin up because its only 3 weeks until she gets to come home for Thanksgiving! She was like "how did you know I needed a 'chin up'?" Girl....I know you better than anyone else. I knew you were sad and I didn't want you to be!

Three weeks will be here before we know it! She gets the whole week for Thanksgiving which will be awesome. She will be very popular that week I'm sure. Lots of her friends are going to want to see her. I suspect it will be a pretty busy week for her :)

I'm really not into working this next week! :) We don't have kids until Wednesday but I've been grading our end of marking period tests and I want to bang my head against the wall. UGH!
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