Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm SO SO glad it is Friday! 

What a loooooooonnnnnnnngggggg week this was! And now its over.

I left today just after school. I left my piles and files in my classroom. Which I can't access over the weekend. And you know something?

I don't care.

There. I said it. I probably shouldn't have and it might just be against the law of teacher-ness that I said it, even thought it, but there you have it. 
*Waits for the teacher police to show up*
{foot tapping impatiently}
Okay so the police aren't coming to arrest me for not caring, so that's all that she wrote on that one.

I had my observation this morning and I think it went well. I hope it did. My kids don't think for themselves very well so the group work was harder than it should have been...but I just scaffolded more and helped them get through it. I think it was fine. I worked in my small groups, up on the floor in the front of our room, while the rest of the kids were in their stations. I made pairs or triads in the small groups and then those kids worked together on the activity and I listened in and asked questions.

Last year my principal said I talk too much and should let the kids talk more. But when they stare are you...what're you gonna do? So I'm not sure if I talked too much this time or not. I have my feedback meeting on Monday so we shall see. 

One of my colleagues was kind of astounded when I left without a teacher bag. She assumed that meant I was 100% done and on top of things (yeah....that's laughable!) but I said "Oh I have plenty to do, I'm just taking a weekend for myself!" I think she was really surprised by that.

It's kind of sad that taking a weekend off is surprising. Yes we work more than the hours we're "clocked in" but we also have the right to enjoy our time off and be with our families. My mother asked me if the girls could spend the night at her house tomorrow and I have a Thirty-One party in the late afternoon so it works. I'll be home in time to have a date with my husband for the second weekend in a row. He has to work on Sunday so I'll have the house to myself to do whatever I want, including sleep! It will be great.

I don't feel guilty. Yes, I will be overwhelmed with all of the crap I need to do once I get to school on Monday, but that's fine. It is what it is and it will be worth 48 hours of not thinking about school or school work.
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Replies
    1. Surprisingly well. Lots of good parents this year :)

  2. Good for you! After eight years I'm finally beginning to accept the fact that the work is NEVER going to be done, no matter how many hours/days/weekends/months,etc of my out-of-school time I commit. So awesome that you left without a "teacher bag"!