Monday, November 11, 2013

Hot Water

I have a tendency to speak my mind. (I know, you're shocked.)

This is even more true now that I feel "safer" in my current environment. Under Mrs. Principal's thumb, I often felt like I had to bite my tongue because I didn't know how she would react. If I questioned anything, it meant I was questioning HER and she did not like that. Mr. New Principal has already seen pretty much every side there is of me (except my private-I'm-not-at-work side and he'll never see that because that's reserved for The Husband). 

He has already seen me go from 0 to Pissed in about 2 seconds. Last week, I really thought I may have crossed a line. In retrospect, I probably did. However, Mr. New Principal, God bless him, didn't hold it against me. He talked to me about it, told me where I need to be and left it at that. It's not something I worry about him holding over me for the rest of the year.

Truth is, I sent a very opinionated email about something that probably wasn't any of my beeswax. Alas, last year in a split with 30 kids, no one advocated for me. Not once. Except me. My colleague who has the 4th/5th split this year is only a 2nd year teacher. She wasn't really willing to stand up for herself because she didn't want to get in trouble. Well eff that. I stood up for her...something I wish others had done for me last year.

And Mr. New Principal took me to task about it, sort of. He let me know that he appreciated my concern but it wasn't really any of my business. I met with him briefly that same day (it was Friday) and he said he really admires the obvious passion that I have for our field. I was so mad about the whole situation, because of my closeness to the whole thing from last year, that I really didn't think before I sent the email (and it wasn't anything horrible)...but I appreciated that we chatted behind closed doors and he said he wasn't mad at me, just wanted me to know where I stand.

I was kind of floored when he said he admired my passion and advocacy for our kids (and teachers). No one has ever said that to me least not anyone in his position. It was kind of nice. He also gently pointed out that I'm a bit of a hot-head. (Who, me? *wink*) 

Alas, I think we're at an understanding. I know that I CAN be passionate, I CAN be an advocate....but I also have to be careful. I really do like my new principal and I want to stay on a good footing with him...which means sometimes I have to stew on my own and then approach him privately. At least he understands that I'm not trying to undermine his authority or act like I'm in charge. 

Sometimes being in hot water is a good thing. My new principal and I now have a better understanding of each other...I also have a better understanding that this school and this district, despite some of our issues, are where I need to be. I have so much passion for pushing these kids to be their best...and I know I still have a lot to learn too. 

One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. Everything will work out. It always has.

The Caffeinated Teacher

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  1. You are an amazing teacher. I let to many thing go when I should stand up and say something. Thanks for being inspiring.