Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Full Moon

Most teachers will admit they never believed in the "Full Moon" theory until they were in a classroom. The full moon isn't even until this weekend and our kids have been IN-FREAKING-SANE. Oh my word! At the end of the day, it isn't uncommon to hear several teachers say something along the lines of, "If I had to see those kids for one more minute today....."
It's not that they are being naughty persay....its that they just seem to have forgotten every single rule, procedure and thing we've taught them so far this year! Holy moly. 
Plus conferences are tomorrow night. That should be a barrel of laughs. I'm actually looking forward to it because a lot of these parents (and the kids) are going to get a reality check. Sorry but its not my sole responsibility for your learning. You need to...oh, I don't know...pick up a freaking book every once in a while and READ IT.  Stop wasting your life in front of a TV screen. Go outside and play. Read. Do your homework. 

I know I'm going to make several people mad tomorrow and that's fine. I won't lie and tell them what they want to hear. I'm going to say "Your child is 2 years behind in reading and math because they never read, don't do homework and don't pay attention. YOU need to set up a plan for how to make your child accountable for their education!" 

99% of the time when I have this sort of chat with parents, they get it. Finally. After years of hearing it, finally, for some reason, when I tell them in 4th or 5th grade, it sinks in. But that 1% will blame me. Go ahead. I can more than prove that I do my job and do it very well. But I can't follow 25 kids home and make them pick up a book. That's your job with your child.

On top of this week's insane it's-almost-the-full-moon craziness....and conferences....I have my first formal observation Friday. Oh my word.

Maybe I should call in dead on Friday. Spare myself the trauma of it all :) 

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. "Call in dead." Love that. We had parent conferences this week, too. It isn't easy to have those tough conversations. I find myself sugar coating things even when I don't mean to. Ugh. I have to get better at that.

    1. I did that a lot my first couple of years....I think at that time I was really worried about parents "liking" me. Not that I want them to hate me now, I don't....but I also know that it isn't in my best interest to be their BFF or to sugar coat. Maybe its just the culture of my school, but most of the time, the parents are very receptive and help their child step it up.