Monday, November 25, 2013


My students would gladly proclaim that right now, I am being vain.  I am not being humble at all. (These were two of our most recent vocabulary words, FYI.) 

They would be absolutely right. I am NOT being humble at all about my accomplishment. I kind of have to wonder if it would mean as much as it does if I had achieved on my first try. When I was overconfident, thought I had this "in the bag" so-to-speak. And, of course, the bottom dropped out. I was disappointed, sad, angry, hurt, discouraged.

Yet, I picked myself up. Dusted myself off. Paid my retake fee and pushed forward. There is no better way, in my mind, to show perseverance to my students. Last year when scores came out, I was so devastated. I knew I couldn't hide my head in the sand though and that very week, I was teaching thousandths place to my 4th graders and shared with them that thousandths really do matter. I like to use real-life examples whenever I can because I know that it helps my students to make sense of things. So I shared my results and how I missed by 0.375th of a point. Those thousandths sure mattered to me!

Looking wasn't the end of the world, although it sure felt like it was. When I posted Saturday about my score result, one sweet reader wondered if I would have dealt with the grade level shuffle this summer if I'd had that certification already. Interesting to ponder, that's for sure.

Saturday, after checking my results and finding myself firmly on Cloud 9 (more like nineteen), I picked up The Oldest from the bus station. She's home until next Saturday night for the holiday. So, so awesome to share my good news with her the very day she came home :) She was grinning from ear to ear when she saw me (I had text her my news). Then we went straight to my ex-SIL's house for a Thirty-One party. She's so silly she almost canceled because she thought no one was coming. To date, she's my highest party! lol Silly girl.

It was a SUPER awesomely fun way to spend my certification night. Sunday I was really lazy. Didn't do much except BE lazy and enjoy my new status...even if its only in my head. :) I took a nice, long nap and it was so wonderful. We went to dinner last night to celebrate because it needs to be celebrated. As far as I know, I'm the sole NBCT in my entire district. I am hoping I start a trend!

I am really going to bask in March. I told The Husband, in no uncertain terms, that I am going to the Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington, DC in 2014. Period. He didn't say no but he was kind of being a boob about it and I was upset that he was. Don't rain on my happiest of happy parades man! Turns out, he's jealous. I took today off because The Youngest has an appointment and he called me after I took her to school and we were talking about the T&L. I said that I had reserved everything and then asked him why he was mad that I was insistent upon going. He says, "I'm not mad, I'm jealous." I rolled my eyes and pointed out that he could come too! Sheesh.

I don't think he will because we'd have to find someone to watch the Munchkins for the whole weekend which could be a royal pain in the behind. But *I'm* going. I can't wait either!

I've never been there and probably will never get another chance/reason/excuse to go. I'll be flying for the very first time (and months before its due to happen, I'm worried I'll hurl over the poor soul who has to sit by me lol). The very day that I arrive in DC I will get to tour the Holocaust Museum with a special group of NBCTs and T&L Conference attendees. Plus there are activities and things to do throughout the whole weekend once each day's conference is over. It will be amazing, exciting and just plain COOL.

It would be really cool if my hubby did come with me. We'd figure something out for the girls but I don't know if he'll pursue it or not. He's the kind of guy that would rather sulk and be a boob than take the bull by the horns (totally unlike me). It's funny to me because we're both Leos but he's right on the cusp and I'm totally not. I'm a Leo through and through. (I bet you are not surprised.)

So yeah...there will be a TON of overjoyed basking on my part in March. I am beyond excited about this. My plane is booked, hotel is booked and my registration is all set for the T&L. Ahh. It will be so fun and exciting!
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