Saturday, November 16, 2013

31: Super Saturday

Oh my goodness! Today has been super awesome. Boy am I glad I left all my school work at school!!

First I hung around in my pajamas until like 10:30 when my mom got here. I played Sims 3. I was lazy. I didn't even brush my hair. Or bother to get dressed (hence the pajamas). 

I spent time with my mom and didn't even want to kill her afterwards. (That in and of itself is a miracle because of the type of person she is--usually she brings out the absolute worst in me.)

Mom took the kids off to do whatever and I played more Sims 3. I was even more lazy. I still didn't brush my hair.

At 3 p.m. my little alarm went off and I showed, finally brushed my hair (haha!) and got ready for my Thirty-One party this afternoon.

Funny thing is, I have kicked ass with Thirty-One so far, for something that is really just a hobby for me. But tonight was only my 2nd in person party. The first one was my kick off on October 3! I had a crap-ton of sales in October but all of my sales, aside from the Kick Off were online or catalog parties. 

So I was very, very excited for this party. We had a tiny turnout. Only 5 guests, the hostess and myself. The hostess is the social worker at my school. She rocks socks. She is such an advocate for kids and I love her! Despite a small party, we had a total blast! All of the guests are social workers in our district and holy cow are they a riot! I was at my hostess's house for FOUR HOURS! Only about an hour total of that was set up and closing with her at the end after her guests left. It was a total blast. 

Much, much better than staying home with Mr. Grumpy Pants who'd rather waste his brain cells in front of the TV. Can't wait for next Saturday when I have another party that is likely to be much, much bigger than this one.

The Caffeinated Teacher


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