Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Truth about Sunday and a Surprise!

Oh Sunday. The least favorite day of my week. Sunday should, in theory, be all about worship and enjoying the day with family and whatnot. However, while I certainly ascertain myself as a Christian girl, I'm not a church girl and never have been. (Don't judge me--God doesn't ♥ ) So my Sundays tend to be full of busy--full of school planning and more.

This doesn't have to be this way of course. However, due to the jacked up-ness of our schedule fiasco, it is how it is this weekend. Originally we had planned to go to our cabin this weekend. A last hoorah. Close it up for winter and just enjoy the downtime there. Alas, The Husband was out of town all last week (everything seems to just go down the tubes when he's gone!), one of Middle Child's hamster's just randomly died and then the crap hit the fan at school. PLUS trying to get my Thirty-One business off the ground.

Needless to say, I came home pretty much every day this past week and just collapsed and stared at the wall. (Okay, not literally but I might as well have for as productive was I wasn't.) I knew I was going to have a ton of things I needed to sort out and get through this weekend....because I just hadn't done it last week. And this coming week starts the MEAP (aka my least favorite two weeks of the year) so schedules will be even weirder. My poor kids!

I came home Friday in total anticipation of The Husband finally getting home. I cleaned the house, made dinner and waited for him. Every time that he has been gone or that I've been away from him for longer than a night or two, I realize that God was looking out for me with that West Virginia college job. I just would have missed my husband's face too much to be away from him that long! (It would have been an awesome job but I'm not sad I didn't get it.) I spent Friday night through this morning not doing anything school-related. Can I just admit how nice that felt?? I just pushed the negativity from this week aside and enjoyed being Raye. Not a teacher, just a momma and a wife. And I realized I need to do that more often.

Perhaps that's where this Thirty-One venture comes in for me. It gives me a chance to be more than a teacher. More than a momma and a wife. Those things mean the world to me, don't get me wrong....BUT I want something that is just for me. Something has serves more purpose too. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out when that little party I had in August became so important to me.
That said, The Youngest and I spent some time this morning making binders for my shows and I organized a bunch of stuff for my new side-show. (That sounds not nice doesn't it? haha) Now it is time for me to push up the sleeves and get down to business. I don't know why *I* feel so overwhelmed since I'm only trading two kids...but its like getting two new kids on the same day. I have to train them in everything that the rest of my class already knows how to do. Namely our vocabulary notebooks and the new math notebooks we just started. 
I emailed my colleague and told her that I'll give our weekly test tomorrow (normally we do them Tuesday but that's test day and that would just be mean) and then I'm taking the next week off from Reading Street so the kids can focus on the MEAP and we can throw in some fun stuff to help them with the transition to the new classes and whatnot. It doesn't affect my kids that much but it does hers and I think its the least we can do.
Finally.....I have a lil surprise up my sleeve that I will be revealing for you on Tuesday so stay tuned! 

The Caffeinated Teacher

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