Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Blahs

I've seen a lot of posts on FB today that teacher friends are still trying to tackle their "piles". My piles have barely made it out of my cart. Ugh. 

I am not digging the work at home on school stuff thing. I haven't found my rhythm yet this year and it's annoying. I'm hopeful that with the start to next week being kid-free that I will finally be able to get a bit ahead. It's really a matter right now of catching up on what I'm behind on so I can be ready for my weekend in West Virginia (doesn't that sound funny? Who is like "woo hoo! I'm off to West Virginia for a weekend!" lol).

I just want to not be drowning in paper. I feel busier than ever with school stuff despite having ONE grade this year instead of two. It's ridiculous.
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I also feel it's more work this year than last year. I'm staying longer and arriving earlier. Yet my work is never done. I would love to never have to grade at home.

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