Saturday, October 26, 2013

Planning and Fundraising Favor

Happy Saturday bloggers!

Why do my weeks seem to simultaneously FLY and DRAG? How is that even a possibility? :) One minute it feels like the morning or day will never end and then when its FINALLY time for lunch or we're packing up to go home, I'm left wondering where the heck my day went. Maybe I'm just losing my mind :)

Yesterday my team and I had the whole day to plan, look at our data and make a plan. It was FABULOUS. It was hard on our kids to all have subs but they survived. I purposely made the day easy for my class because they are little chatterboxes all the time and I knew on a Friday it wouldn't be any different. They had to finish up their reading story, take their math homework quiz and pretty much the rest of the day was a fun but educational packet. My sub did tell me that the kiddos wouldn't stop talking but said otherwise they were great. I knew that would be the issue. It always is and has been since I've taught in this building.

We got so much done yesterday. Now I have a ton of work to do on my own to get myself lined up where our team decided to go but that's okay. I want to feel like I'm maximizing my time in the classroom while pushing my class to be responsible learners who are accountable for what they are expected to do. I also need to catch up on the grading I feel like I've been behind on all week but that's fine. It will be great to FINALLY feel like I'm back on track and

This next week is going to be's the end of the marking period and this year our district has put together end of MP tests for almost all subjects. We did our math test last week but a few kids were absent or out for whatever pull outs (which I have SO.MANY.OF.) so they are going to have to make them up next week. But we also have our regular weekly test in reading plus the end of marking period test AND a big test in social studies. Ugh! Plus Halloween is in there and I'll be gone yet again this coming Friday (that's three in a row!) because we're going to West Virginia to see The Oldest whom I haven't seen (except via Skype) since August 18th! I can't wait for that. (It's even better because we have a full day of Records on Nov 4 so no kiddos and a day off on Nov 5 so it will be a great little break for us all.)

Finally today I will leave you with a favor to ask. It is not my intention to use this blog as a "selling platform". For this particular cause, I am making an exception.

My very, very dear friend lost her stepson to Leukemia earlier this year. He was only 19. She asked me to do a Thirty-One Fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphomic Society and of course I agreed. We're shy on our goal so if you were already planning to order something from Thirty-One, please consider ordering from this fundraiser. I am donating 100% of my commission to the society so I'm not even making any money on this. I just want to do it because its the right thing to do. You definitely don't have to order but if you were already planning to, please consider helping out this cause. You can shop direct for this fundraiser here. Thanks for your consideration :)
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