Thursday, October 17, 2013

Data, Data, Data

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with data. It has its purpose for sure...and most of the time, I really kind of geek out about data. I like playing with it, looking at it, and figuring out how to use it to better my instruction, my groupings and more.

The problem is that everyone that I team with knows this about me....and I end up being the "Data Girl". I don't really mind because it gives me control over how the data is presented to anyone else because I'm the one putting it all together and then sharing it with my team. 

It's depressing to look at the current data, however. These kids are SO low this year. Miss 4/5 split got a stacked class--no real low kids, no real behavior issues. It's really kind of bullshit because no one bent over backwards like that for me. Yes, I WANT her to have a class where most of the kids are on the same level between her two grades...because it makes sense to then be able to teach to the majority level (in this case, 4th grade). Not like my split last year where I had high and low kids in both grades and was beating my head against the wall all year.

I don't understand how our kids are this low. If I'm being honest...I do know. It's because the 3rd grade team has consistently had crap data for years but they were Mrs. Principal's pets so she never split them up. But last year and this year the 4th graders are coming to us collectively a year or more behind (right now, on average our kids are at a late 2nd grade the first quarter of 4th grade! Unacceptable). 

It's frustrating. It can be good for us because we're going to be able to show awesome growth for these kids this year....but it also sucks because it means we have to bust our butts to reteach what they should have learned last year AND this year's goals. It's overwhelming. :(

Plus....while I usually don't mind doing the data....sometimes I wish someone else would step in and say "hey I should learn how to do this too" and pitch in. Don't just rely on me. That's not fair. Then it causes me to get overwhelmed and feel bitter and that's really not okay. I like to help and pitch in...but when others don't pick up their end of the bargain, it's really frustrating.
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  1. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. That is what you get for being awesome and reliable. :) Good luck with your kids this year. Mine are also low babies. Lots of work ahead.

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