Sunday, October 20, 2013

31: Fail

Ugh, EPIC FAIL as my 18 year old would say. (Or would have said a couple of years ago, I think this term is now "old".)

A very good friend of mine and former colleague left our district two years ago for greener pastures. She really, REALLY wanted to have a Thirty-One party with me but she works full time as a teacher and part time at a boutique in the mall so meshing my schedule with hers was tough. So we agreed to do a catalog party. 

Everyone totally snubbed her :( She got ONE order! I had an outside order from my principal (he's buying a wristlet for his wife--probably more so I'd stop bugging him hehe) so I added that to her party but it doesn't even qualify as a party. I feel bad because I wanted SO MUCH to do a in-person party for her because seeing the stuff for real can make a difference....but we couldn't make it work. 

It really makes me sad for her because she said she ALWAYS buys from their parties for jewelry or anything else. And they totally snubbed her. How rude. :(

I really feel bad so she is picking something she wants to buy and I'm going to give her free shipping on it because I really feed bad. This is my first experience where no one ordered. I don't get how anyone doesn't like Thirty-One. Usually the people who don't haven't ever used their products or seen them before. (I can spot them a mile away now, it's kind of funny but also kind of ridiculous!)

I shouldn't feel bad because I did everything I could do to help but apparently the people she associates with are snobby :(
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