Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! This week has been super busy but I SWEAR I blink and my morning is gone. This is no easy feat considering we have a very LONG morning (the only day I have a special in the morning is Friday--otherwise I have my class from 8:30-12:15 uninterrupted every day). It's great for instructional blocks but can seem really long some days.

This week we finally started our Math Workshop and I think that is what is making the days go by so fast. My mornings have been looking like this:

8:30-8:40 Student Arrival/Pledge
8:40-9:30 Students work on Daily Fix it (from Reading Street), we correct it orally and then do the day's reading lesson whole group
9:30-10:00 We either do a Walking Classroom podcast or a Vocabulary Cycle 
10:00-11:00 Daily 5
11:00-12:15 Math Workshop (15 minutes calendar board, 10-15 minutes spiral homework corrections, then math rotations)

So aside from the whole group lesson with reading, we're moving and grooving every 15-20 minutes because we've been in groups or moving between short activities. It is AWESOME!

I really, really REALLY love this group of kids. I'm so, so glad that I got to be with them again. My "tough guy" has very much fallen into line. I think he realized it was easier to keep me happy, and therefore keep himself happy, than to try to push the line with me. I knew it wouldn't take me long to break him. 

We're doing some shuffling around in our school because they finally decided we needed another teacher (yes a month into the year!). My 3rd/4th colleague is going to move to a 4th/5th split. (They asked me to do it a few weeks ago and I refused.) There will be shuffling around pretty much across the board. But I advocated for myself AGAIN and said I refused to give up any of my kids to go to this split. I already have the lowest class (including SIX resource kiddos--the most I've ever had!) in the 4th grade and I'm not giving up my only on level kids. Thank goodness Mr. Principal is a realistic and understanding man. He wasn't mad at me when I stood my ground, in fact, he said he totally thought I had a valid argument and agreed not to move any of my kids. 

Today Mr. 4th grade was out (he's been out all week on a medical issue) and one of my former 2nd graders has been in some trouble so his dad came to get me since he knows me. We talked to Mr. Principal and agreed that this little friend of mine is either going to be added to my room (which I would be fine with since I know him and his dad is very supportive) OR will go into the split. Mr. Principal said, well if we put him in your room you'd have to give up a student to keep it even....but I said, nope, I am totally okay with having two more kids than Mr. 4th Grade in order to make it so this kiddo has a GOOD year this year.  I know, with all of the recent events, that it was totally God's plan that I ended up back at my school with this group of kids. They need me as much as I need them.

What else have I been up to? Well, as if I have nothing else to do (haha!), I decided to cave in to the request of my friend and become an Independent Thirty One Consultant. I just got my box of goodness today and oh my word! I want to buy everything. The enrollment kit has just enough really good stuff in it to make you want more haha! I am having my first official party next week at my school! I can't wait. It will be so, so fun. One of my colleagues is even going to have a Facebook Thirty One party with me. Those are short but super fun! I would be totally okay with doing 100% Facebook parties but it IS fun to be able to hang out with new ladies and for them to actually see the products in person (which are all way bigger than they look in the catalog).

I am even trying to talk The Oldest into having a party at her school when we're there for Homecoming. Those girls at that private Christian college or going to LOVE these organizers!
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