Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day (in pictures) & Sept CURRENTLY

Wewt! I survived my first day of school with enough energy to BLOG about it on the same night :) I had the nervous energy going last night. Wow. I was fine all day yesterday until about 7:30 last night and then I was buzzing like a bee trying to keep myself busy because I was suddenly very nervous!  I didn't know what to expect today--we knew we had higher numbers than we were likely going to see due to our neighboring school reopening but no one could predict who would (or wouldn't) show up in our classrooms.

Today was, by far, one of the best first days I've ever had. Except for a little snafu at lunch where the previous lunch was running over, everything went very well. Even dismissal was awesome for the first day. I got a lot of hugs from former kids who thought I wasn't going to be back and ended my day with two compliments from two amazing families. I am a very lucky lady.

We had an amazing and busy day in fourth grade!

We did a little math screener this morning that I got years ago from a colleague. It helps me to see where the kids are when they come to me. This is a screener that tests 1st-3rd grade skills so its perfect for early 4th graders to assess where they are coming in at.

To break up the procedures and rules teaching, we did the Summer to Tweet about craftifity I got from Amy Lemons last year. The kids love to color the bird!

Calendar Math courtesy of Stephanie! ♥ this!

I had the kiddos do a writing prompt after lunch, simply asking them to tell me whatever they thought I needed to know about them. I purposely left it open-ended because some of the more needy kids will be very honest and tell you that they have had some behavior issues but it also tells me a LOT about them by the way they write about themselves. (And we have our work cut out for us with writing...whew!)

We ended our day with some goal-setting. We made Peek-Face portraits. (I do not remember where I got this last year!) So cute and its amazing to see the kind of goals my kids set (and how many of them just don't know how to do that, which is sad).

All in all, a productive and successful day. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me in terms of getting these kids up to par with 4th grade Common Core standards but I'm up to the challenge and I know they will be too. I have a few chatters but nothing I can't handle. Only 23 kiddos which is AMAZING (I haven't had a class this small in YEARS). I had 37 originally, then they added a class and a bunch of kids didn't show (which I assume went to the reopened school). I am not complaining through! 23 is a great number. My colleague has 21...only 3 girls! I felt bad for those little girls! I'm not sure how that happened. 
And finally....I'm linking up way late but here's my Currently for September!
 Listening - The hubby is watching TV in the room next to my office and it is serving as my background music ;)

Loving -- I LOVE having this small class and I hope that it stays this small. It is awesome!

Thinking -- I am procrastinating looking through all of my papers from today...and I need to get through them so I'm not dealing with them still tomorrow! :)

Wanting -- Oh man would I give anything for a fruity cocktail and some curly fries. Evil and not diet friendly at all but it would be SO worth it. Might have to indulge tomorrow. It's margarita night at the best Mexican place in town :)

Needing -- a mani/pedi! 'Nuff said!

For Me -- I need to get myself back on a schedule with my weight loss. I haven't lost weight (and have gained some back) since May and I need to get back on a schedule now that I'm back at school. I also need to take advantage of my double special on Wednesdays and get all caught up on grading/planning so that I'm not working on weekends. Those days need to be reserved for my family. Finally I need to drink more water. I'm a Diet Coke girl through and through but at work I need to be better at drinking water. 

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  1. I am glad you had a great day. I hope this is a wonderful year for you. I think you definitely deserve a good year. Is there any chance that they will close the new 3/4 class and give you more kids? I hope not. Do you have a lot of your former 2nd graders?

    1. Not a lot of my former kids but 6 of them. I knew all but five of them since I either had them or they were across the hall. I just didn't know the kids who came to us last year.

      They ARE dissolving the 3/4 but it will become a 4/5. The principal asked me if I would take it and I said absolutely not. It's how I got screwed over this past spring--I took the class no one else wanted last year and then got jerked around all summer because my position was eliminated even though it shouldn't have been.

      I will be up to 25 kids tomorrow but its ONE grade rather than 30 in two :)

  2. What a great first day! I am glad it went so well. My 4th babies need quite a bit of writing help, too. :) I am blessed this year with a great class, so I know we can do it!

    Simply 2nd Resources