Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Random Happy Wednesday :)

Happy Hump Day! We've been moving right along with school! We are just about finished with our reading MAP tests. We've had so many issues with the server that we've had to keep pushing back testing. Our poor media specialist is on her own trying to do all of this stuff (we've always had two literacy coaches to coordinate and now we have none) and it's been overwhelming. Alas, all but 5 of my students are done with that part now and I can finally start making groups for reading and really get things moving in terms of our schedule.

I have some LOW kids. I have a student who scored at the early kindergarten level! I have never had a kid score that low...even when I taught 2nd grade. Poor guy. Thank goodness he already has an IEP or I would cry because I wouldn't even know where to start to help him. He's sweet and eager to learn so that helps.

This Saturday I am chaperoning a field trip to the MSU game! This will be my 3rd year in a row going. It is a LONG day (about 8 hours) but it is so much fun, especially because these kiddos are likely never going to see a game like this on their own (their parents can't afford to spend money on tickets like these). But the alumni club at MSU always sponsors our school (and several others) to attend one game per year. I can't wait to go again. My hubby agreed to chaperone too so we will have a blast. I get to be "in charge" since the gal from our school who usually is has a wedding on Saturday. I don't mind bossing people around so I agreed to be in charge lol (Really my job will be to make sure all of the kids get their t-shirts, the chaperones have the right kids and all of our kids get on the bus! We haven't lost a kid yet and I don't plan to let it happen on my watch!) I am SO excited about it. I've had to practically sign my life away to go on this trip, even though its on a Saturday but whatever. It will be so fun.

I got home today to discover something REALLY cool. This summer I worked on a curriculum unit for Kids' Food Basket, a local non-profit. I am so excited that my unit is live and available at! You can check it out here! Its kind of a bummer they didn't put our names on them to give us credit for writing it but *I* know I wrote it so that's all that really matters.

Finally....if you feel sad....just watch this video. I promise you will smile.

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I always enjoy your blog. I just had to tell you that we are having the exact same problem getting the MAP testing done here in CA. Today was my class's day for reading, and the server was down! This has been happening all year so far.

    Have a great time at the game. My father graduated (and taught ag. for a year) at MSU!

    1. Hi Karen!

      It's been such a pain with the MAP testing. We have never had these kinds of problems. Ever since we went to the "live" version where it is web based, it's been a lot more trouble than when we used the old one. I do like getting my data earlier...but its not that helpful when my students can't finish the test all at the same time! :)