Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank Goodness and Thirty One Teacher Bag Fabulousness

This is a two part post because I'd just rather not post two separate things. Two birds with one stone and all of that good stuff. 
First of all, I am eternally grateful to the blogging community and teachers in general. Its not a secret that while I have accepted my move to first grade, I am kind of paranoid about it. I've always joked that I liked bigger kids because then if I warped their minds, it wouldn't be such a big deal. *wink* Of course, teaching little guys is SO different than teaching big ones. Even 2nd graders aren't as needy at the start of the year as 1st graders will be. 
I have found so many new (to me) blogs over the past few days that are authored by first grade teachers. (Is it me or are the vast majority of teacher blogs authored by K-3 teachers??)  I found a couple that even have full first day lesson plans which is giving me such good guidance in how to set up my first couple of days. So grateful.

Additionally, an interventionist I had the privilege of working with for two years at my last school has been giving me some great ideas and strategies of things she's been using with her K-2 students in summer school. I'm loving how willing she is to share with me. She is so sweet because she says to me, "You are a FABULOUS teacher and you will ROCK first grade." ♥ 

I'm feeling much, much better about the whole thing. I emailed my new principal but didn't hear anything back (which, I'm sorry, I find to be very rude, especially since we can tell if/when someone reads our email and she did read mine and still hasn't replied). Regardless we were told we would have access 10 days before report date which is tomorrow and I AM going in there. I'm not planning to move anything in. I'm taking myself, my purse and my phone (for the camera). I have to see this space and see what I have to work with or I'm going to drive myself nuts.

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As you  may have heard me mention (about 30 times!), this past weekend was my birthday and I had a Thirty One party to celebrate. We had the party on FaceBook, kind of like a chat. It was super fun. My consultant is desperately trying to get me to become a consultant too....and I ♥ the products BUT I told her there is no way I can add something else to my plate right now when I haven't had little first grade friends before. Although the Consultant package is a steal at $99....tempting, tempting.
Everyone needs an awesome teacher bag and Thirty One makes that very easy! Last year, I bought these two bags while a friend was having a party.
Organizing Utility Tote in Party Punch 
Keep it Caddy in Party Punch

The larger of the two bags I use to take things to and from school. It holds a TON of stuff. Remember that I had 2 grades last year and often separated my grading based upon the grade of the kids so it was easier to put the stuff into our electronic grade book. So I would usually have 2-3 folders of papers to grade, plus my math TEs (everyday math) for both grades and still had some room. The smaller one I usually put my purse, cell phone and other things I needed to be a bit more handy inside. This one tends to ride on the passenger seat in my car :)

With parties of this style, you earn free products based upon how much money your party earns. I was really pleased today when I closed my party with my consultant to be able to purchase a bunch of fabulous goodness at a minimal cost to myself. I love the Party Punch pattern and ordered everything in this pattern. I'm not sure if its the colors or the Chevron style that I like the most.

Fold N File Organizer -- I LOVE this organizer. It will fit inside my Organizing Tote to make carrying things back and forth to school even easier!

Thermal Tote - I just had to have a lunch box that matched all my other stuff, right?? I got this one personalized with my first initial.

Mini-Zipper Pouch - Isn't this little bag cute? I thought this would be good for a makeup pouch for school. I tend to keep a separate set of makeup at work because some mornings are just crazy and I get there so early that I usually have enough time to put my face on before I meet my students for the day. I did not personalize this one.

Fold And Go Organizer -- Is this not the cutest little organizer?? I took a picture of it from the catalog (the bottom one). I love that it holds a notepad and will hold my phone. This is a perfect little clutch to take with me if I'm just running out for a little while. 

Organizing Pack -- this was my Hostess exclusive item (in other words, you can't order this unless you host a party). It's basically a backpack. It comes with a thermal water bottle holder and is big enough to hold a laptop. I think this will be good for PD days. I can carry everything I need in this bag and won't have to lug around anything else. It will be especially nice if my Mac Book will fit inside it. This one is personalized with my last name on the front pocket. 

The funny thing is, this afternoon, my consultant sent everyone an email to show us styles and patterns that were being discontinued after August. And two of the products above will no longer exist after August 31! I'm super glad I ordered when I did then!

No matter what, I will be a stylin' (and organized!)  first grade teacher with all of this fun loot!
The Caffeinated Teacher


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